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1  General Category / General Discussion / Re: include Engineers and Developers in Arduino description on: November 06, 2012, 11:30:19 am
Thank both of you for your replies, and thats right, we should requiere validation, but sadly it is necesary, I always say 'if something does the job, use it' either arduino, pic, PLC, whatever, I love to learn as much as possible and share that knowledge (when possible).

The last week, the company that i work for (AAM), authorized a project for a custom made access control based on Ethernet Arduino R3, there will be 4 entrances entirely automated and controlled by these tiny mighty buddies. No details about it enterprise secret (4N35 to read inputs, some MOSFET 1RF540 and high power relays, a tiny webpage to configure it, SD card to hold the log and a RTC to keep track of the time  smiley-cool)

Best regards.

Sorry for the delay, I was pretty busy at work
2  General Category / General Discussion / include Engineers and Developers in Arduino description on: October 19, 2012, 12:29:53 am
I guess Im not the only one, Im a real life developer both microcontrollers and PCs and now Android apps, some of them are critical, so I know what Im talking about when I talk about anything related to technology (micros and programming and digital logic  smiley-cool).

But im sick and tired that PRO Hacker say that only TI launchpad and PICS are profesional stuff, im my 14 years experience PICs are considered a kids toy, and MSP430 is the hated one smiley-grin, im being doing some creative stuff in Arduino, some of them very critical, my proof of concepts are mostly done by my dozen of Arduinos (Duemilanove, Pro Mini 5v, FIO, LilyPad, UNO R3) in Arduino and my old discontinued FEZ Domino.

Im tired of this people saying, oh you are able to make a RGB led, yo can do it with a 555, some capacitors, resistors, you are such a kid....... , bla bla bla, yeah, make it work with DJ music and room occupacy, (Actually I created 20 like this, embedded in a Bar at my town, and make about 6k profit  smiley-money (components not included))    555, sure, my home is partially automated using arduinos, jjajajaja, I heard someone say, its amazing, i show them the board with Pro Mini and he said, "man youre such a pro" imagine his face when I told them that arduino was embedded there, jajajajaja  smiley-razz

My 8 year nephew is excited about Arduino, he is taking the basis of a excellent engineer, one wich observe, learn, share, THINK, hack, invent, create modify, and mostly, give possitive critics  smiley-zipper, Im very proud of him, ill teach arduino and serious C/C++ to my son too  smiley-wink

Arduino Team, Im a proud Arduino user, thanks for this, now, I can create stuff, not dev boards.  smiley
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