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1  Using Arduino / Audio / Re: Problems with Sine wave test on VS1053 on: January 05, 2013, 06:02:54 pm
Did you connect up the SPI signals?

No I didn't; how do I know which pin on the VS1053 is the SPI pin? All the other examples and code samples don't say anything about any extra pins.. I'm totally new to SPI stuff.

2  Using Arduino / Audio / Problems with Sine wave test on VS1053 on: January 04, 2013, 08:09:36 pm
I'm having trouble getting my VS1053 to work with my Arduino. I was originally testing with an EtherTen (has onboard ethernet) but I moved back to just a plain Arduino UNO (to rule out any SPI conflicts/issues). The issue still remains.

Here's my set up.

I have an Arduino UNO, with a VS1053 (it says LCSOFT STUDIO; found a picture here: ).

I am using a terminal shield for ease of connection ( )

I have a 5V and GND from the VS1053 going to the respective 5V and GND pins on the Arduino. I have a 0.25W 8 ohm speaker connected to the 3.5mm Jack, tested with my ipod and it plays sound; i have also tried different sets of headphones with the VS1053 too.

I have VS1053's pins:

XCS  -> Pin D9
DCS  -> Pin D2
DREQ -> Pin D3
XRST -> Pin D8

I have tried all sorts of code to get it to work, but getting right back to basics; I have two Sine Wave tests I found on forums and neither work.

They are:

The Serial debug on the first one shows a loop:

starting sine test
exited sine test
starting sine test
exited sine test

as expected, but it doesn't actually play anything. The second sine test shows similar debug.


I have downloaded and tried the library and accompanying MIDI example from github. Last night when I was testing it, I kind of got the Midi example doing something... It made sound (which was encouraging!) except it was just a Midi Crash symbol on a very very fast repeat (sounded like a punk song!) not a loop of instrument scales as it appears the code attempts to play.

Now, this morning with the same set up as far as I can tell, I can't even get the MIDI example to play any more. The serial console shows:

Booting VS1053...
VS1053 still booting
VS1053 Set
VS1053 Configuration:
00 MODE = 0x00
01 STATUS = 0xffff
02 BASS = 0xffff
03 CLOCKF = 0xffff
04 DECODE_TIME = 0x00
05 AUDATA = 0x00
06 WRAM = 0x00
07 WRAMADDR = 0x00
08 HDAT0 = 0xffff
09 HDAT1 = 0xffff
0a AIADDR = 0x00
0b VOL = 0x00
0c AICTRL0 = 0x00
0d AICTRL1 = 0xffff
0e AICTRL2 = 0xffff
0f AICTRL3 = 0x00
VS1053 OK
W 07: 8050
W 06: 0030
W 06: 0715
W 06: b080
W 06: 3400
W 06: 0007
W 06: 9255
W 06: 3d00
W 06: 0024
W 06: 0030
W 06: 0295
W 06: 6890
W 06: 3400
W 06: 0030
W 06: 0495
W 06: 3d00
W 06: 0024
W 06: 2908
W 06: 4d40
W 06: 0030
W 06: 0200
W 0a: 0050


I have tried:

both of which have inline MP3 examples.

Neither of these have ever worked for me.

I'm kind of at my wits end here. Have I not wired these up correctly? Is the board faulty? Is there anything else I can do to test this?

I would love ANY help or feed back you can give smiley

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