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1  Using Arduino / Networking, Protocols, and Devices / Conflicting documentation: WiFi Shield IO usage on: October 23, 2012, 01:40:42 pm
I'm currently using the Arduino WiFi shield for a project. In addition, I'll be stacking on a ProtoShield with some custom circuitry. I need to decide which IO pins to use for my custom shield that do not conflict with the WiFi shield. (Note: i'd prefer to use Leonardo, but may regrettably have to go to the larger Mega 2560 for the extra IO if these conflicts prevent me from having enough IO for my shield).

PROBLEM: has conflicting information on the WiFi shield IO connections! I'd appreciate any feedback in sorting out the differences, and if any info is incorrect I also need to make sure the WiFi library doesn't try to control unconnected IO as it will interfere with my own hardware!

1) on the WiFi page (, the description and picture show the following connections:
pin4: SS(SD card)
pin7: Handshake
pin10: SS(WiFi)
pin11: MOSI
pin12: MISO
pin13: SCK

2) The WiFi shield schematic, however, has a different opinion. Differences:
pin3: INT1 (I assume this is the handshake signal moved from pin 7??)
pin7: no connection!!
pin9: yellow LED (buffered)
pins11-13: no connection!!
pin-analog5: used as part of the reset circuit?
-> using SPI bus on the ICSP connector rather than pins11-13?

Can anyone shed some light on the inconsistencies?
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