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1  Using Arduino / Installation & Troubleshooting / Re: Arduino mega 2560 R3 as unknown USB device. on: September 16, 2013, 11:07:49 pm
I installed the arduino IDE instead of using the zip and then the problem got solved.
2  Using Arduino / Installation & Troubleshooting / Arduino mega 2560 R3 as unknown USB device. on: September 16, 2013, 10:20:23 pm
Some time ago we purchased an Arduino mega2560 R3.I am new to it.It is not getting recognized a sa valid USB device but an "unknown device".I initially thought it uses the FTDI drivers and installed them but when I saw its schematic I came to know that it uses an Atmega16u2 as the USB to serial chip.In another system the board was getting detected properly but not in my new system.Please tell me what to do.
3  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Using I2C for the RMCSXX motor on: September 07, 2013, 10:39:18 pm
First, you don't need the delays.  Second, does the code work?  If not what is happening?  I don't see pullup resistors in the schematic in the data sheet.  I2C generally requires about 4.7K resistors from 5V to SDA and SCL.
Ok I will put the pull up resistors and see.The code just doesnot work because the motor does not do anything.
4  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Using I2C for the RMCSXX motor on: September 07, 2013, 10:26:50 pm
The motor uses I2C bus but your code is for SPI bus.  They are very different.  Is it wired like in the datasheet?  Look up the Wire library.  It will have examples that you can use to see how I2C works.  Here is a link to a very good tutorial on I2C
I corrected the code from SPI to I2C. Kindly check the post again.

The page on gammon said that on the Mega pull up resistors are required.After I connect the 4.7 K pull up to 5V where will the SDA and SCL from the slave motor connect to.Do they connect to the 5V side or the SDA,SCL pin side on the master (I think it is connected at the SDA and SCL pin side on the master but not to the 5V side)? But I did not understand the use of pull up resisitors.What is meant by pull up and what is their purpose here?
5  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Using I2C for the RMCSXX motor on: September 07, 2013, 09:35:17 am

I am using an SPI motor called the RMCSXX sold here:

I am not able to communicate with that motor.Its data sheet is given here:

Here are the details given in the data sheet of the motor.But can some one help me with the code and get it running.,K74ipHB,K74ipHB#1

Some one please help me out.I want to use these motors with arduino.
Some code that I wrote but it wont work because SPI.Transfer takes one byte but the motor data values are 4 bytes long each. (code in quickIDE is given below)

void setup()
  Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus (address optional for master)

byte x = 0;

void loop()
  Wire.beginTransmission(0x10); // transmit to device number 16
//  Wire.write(4);        // sends five bytes
  Wire.write(8); // send the command variable for relative go to position command
   Wire.write(0x84); // send 1st -byte to 0
   Wire.write(0x03); // send 2nd -byte to 0
   Wire.write(0); // send 3rd -byte to 0
   Wire.write(0); // send 4th –byte to 0
   Wire.endTransmission();    // stop transmitting


Example code in quick C IDE
Here is an example usage of updating the speed variable on the RMCS-220x to forward 255. We will
assume the default slave address of 16.
I2C_Start(0x10 + 0); // send the slave address of the RMCS-220x and write bit 0
I2C_Write(1); // send the command variable for speed
I2C_Write(255); // send LSB of 255
I2C_Write(0); // send MSB of 0 to and so Speed of forward 255
I2C_Stop(); // send I2C stop

I need an equivalent code in Arudino
6  Community / Bar Sport / How about an Arduino style super computer the size of a credit card on: October 25, 2012, 06:20:35 am

I came across a great super computer project for 99$. It is the Parallela super computer from Adapteva in Kickstarter. I was thinking what if one day there an arduino based programming environment at super computer level.

Please support and save this project. It has 60 hours to go and needs to collect about 200,000$.

(Fan @ Parallela)
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