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1  Products / Arduino Due / Re: Missing RAM Pins on: November 27, 2012, 04:23:03 pm
I hate to bump a thread, but does the team have any comments on this? I do understand that mega compatibility > RAM/ethernet support, but for Arduino users who need the extra memory, is the only solution for the foreseeable future (6+ months) to either a) roll your own board or b) use the Atmel evaluation kit?
2  Products / Arduino Due / Missing RAM Pins on: October 26, 2012, 01:30:28 pm
Hey everyone,

As has been noted in sites around the web (and another forum post), this version of the Due is missing some pins for the onboard ethernet peripheral.

One thing it also seems to miss is a few external RAM pinouts.

So far, I can see the following:

- PC2-PC9 (D0-D7) are fine; connected to pins 34-41
- PC10-PC11 (D8-9) is NC
- PC12-17 (D10-D15) are fine; connected to pins 51-46
- PC21-26 (A0-A5) are connected to the arduino PWM lines 9-4 (which is fine, there are extra PWMS on other pins)
- PC27 (A6) is NC
- PC28 (A7) connected to PWM3
- PC29 (A8) connected to PWM10
- PC30 (A0) connected to RX-LED
- PD0-3 (A10-13) connected to 25-28
- PD4-5 (A14-15) connected to TX3,RX3
- PD6 (A16) connected to pin 29
- PD7 (A17) connected to pin 11
- PD8 (A21) connected to pin 12
- PD9 (A22) connected to pin 30

There are addressing pins up to 22, but A18, A19, and A20 seem to be multiplexed with the SPI0 signal lines. Nice one Atmel.

My questions on this are:

1) Is my analysis wrong?
and if no to 1), 2) Does the team intend to put out a new revision fixing these issues?
and if yes to 2), 3) Is it possible to receive a time estimate on when?
4) Has anyone encountered any other omissions regarding any other missing peripheral lines? Since the mega form factor provides ~80 pins and the SAM3X8E has 144 in its arduino package, I'm guessing that out of necessity a few other things were dropped.

I know nobody likes people asking when?! when!? but I am trying to decide if it is worth rolling our own arduino form factor board including these RAM pins (and the ethernet ones) wherever we can squeeze them into the existing eagle design.

Also, I have heard about and examined the SAM3X8E-EK board - this is also an alternative we are deciding whether or not to use. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but does anyone know if it would be compatible with the ADK?


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