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1  Using Arduino / Installation & Troubleshooting / Re: Updating Firmware on Arduino WiFi shield on: November 04, 2012, 08:03:09 am
I am trying to do this on Windows. And all it says on all the guides
Windows: use flip to upload the hex file to your board

But the problem I have is that I can't find the chip on the list of devices to be able to do that.
Here is the list I get on FLIP:

AT89C5115       AT89C51AC2       AT89C51ED2     AT89C51RD2       AT89S58         AT90USB1286    AT90USB82
AT89C5130       AT89C51AC3       AT89C51IC2      AT89C51RE2       AT89S64         AT90USB1287    ATmega16M1
AT89C5131       AT89C51CC01     AT89C51ID2      AT89C51SND1     AT90CAN128    AT90USB162     ATmega16U2
AT89C5132       AT89C51CC02     AT89C51RB2     AT89C51SND2     AT90CAN32      AT90USB646     ATmega16U4
                      AT89C51CC02     AT89C51RC2     AT89D54            AT60CAN64     AT90USB647      ATmega32C1

ATmega32M1    ATmega64M1        ATxmega128B3      ATxmega256A3BU    ATxmega384C3      ATxmega64B3
ATmega32U2    ATxmega128A1U   ATxmega128C3      ATxmega256A3U      ATxmega64A1U     ATxmega64C3
ATmega32U4    ATxmega128A3U   ATxmega16A4U      ATxmega256C3       ATxmega64A3U     
ATmega32U6    ATxmega128A4U   ATxmega16C4        ATxmega32A4U       ATxmega64A4U
ATmega64C1    ATxmega128B1     ATxmega192A3U     ATxmega32C4         ATxmega64B1

Which one should I choose I tried most of them and when I try to connect it says : "Could not open USB device".

2  Using Arduino / Installation & Troubleshooting / Updating Firmware on Arduino WiFi shield on: October 31, 2012, 09:43:53 pm

I would like to update the firmware in my Arduino WiFi shield, because it has some issues with the original firmware and updates for it are available at:

But I could not find any tutorial explaining on how to update the firmware on the device.
So far I have managed to install the drivers for the AT32UC3A chip which is on the shield and I have installed Flip 3.4.7., but now I am stuck.

Thanks For your help.
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