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1  Using Arduino / Audio / EasyVR Shield - can't connect in UP Flash update mode on: November 01, 2012, 11:24:21 am
Hello folks,

I have problems to connect to the EasyVR Shield Board through the pc ( when using the "UP-Flash update mode".

The PC mode works fine but I need the UP mode too...

After setting the jumper for the UP mode and connecting with the ubs/rs232 adapter the red led is shinning while the green led keeps dark.
Now I started the VR Commander and presses the "Connect" button. I get the following message "Could not detect device connected to port "COM4" "

I've checked already the /XM Pin, about 2,8V thats ok according to the vr manual.

Only the  tx-led of the usb/rs232 adapter is flashing after pressing the "Connect" Button in the VR Commander.
The dark rx-led signalizes me that the usb/rs232 adapter is getting no response from the easyvr shield board.

Can someone help me out?

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