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1  Using Arduino / Audio / A couple of questions about sound activation Lights on: November 09, 2012, 06:48:25 pm
Hi,  I've been searching for LED and sound activated lighting and I came across the EL Wire technology and the Arduino microcontroller.
Since I have no knowledge on electronics (but a great will to start playing with it) I want to know if its possible and the gear/programming I need to:

1 - Have like 3 colors of lights and each one is activated by a range of sound frequency, lets say:
a --- Red for kicks/basslines;
b --- Yellow for claps/snares;
c --- Green for Hihats
(the colors and quantity are just examples)
So basically it would work kind of like an equalizer;

2 - Have one color for each instrument in a band; instead of having a set of colored lights reacting to the global sound of the band, each instrument would have a sound activated light that would respond to the intensity. (i guess I had to bypass each mic before it goes into the mixer so each one is activated individually and still can mix the sounds on the mixer);

3 - Having a set of lights respond to one single instrument and each color would correspond to a range of notes
(from my knowledge of music, each color would represent a range of sound frequency);

4 - Have a light blinking in sync with a " dubstep wobble bass" (i have this doubt just because it isn't the volume, its a frequency/LFO effect).

I hope I didn't made it hard to understand.
Therefore, like i said previously, I want to know if each topic is possible and the necessary gear and also if i can combine some (like 2 with 3 and 1 with 4).

Lights can be El Wire or LEDs, I suppose i can use one or another jsut by making slight adjustments to the circuit/layout.
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