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1  Community / Gigs and Collaborations / Looking for someone to write code for dslr video autofocus/ remote focus - NYC. on: November 10, 2012, 07:21:51 pm

I want to make a remote focus/ auto focus system for my DSLR camera and have so far gathered some pieces together.

Arduino UNO
Hitec HS-785HB servo that rotates 3.5 rotations
Maxbotix XL-MaxSonar-AE1
4-Digit, 7-Segment Display
Linear Potentiometer "slider 60"
Need to get hold of a button to trigger "autofocus"

Maybe im completely off, but these are my thoughts.

Maxbotix XL-MaxSonar-AE1 reads the distance and sends the this to the 4-Digit, 7-Segment Display all of the time.

Hitec HS-785HB servo that rotates 3.5 rotations gets manually calibrated to say 6 distances. 30cm, 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters, 5meters and infinity. These values get stored somehow. "At 5 meters servo is at this location"

Now when the distance is 1 meter 30 cm, the location of the servo will be at postion "1 meter" + 30 cm. How to write this code is more than I can comprehend.

then, when pressing a button, the "autofocus" is triggered, and lens is focused.

I also want to be able to manually focus with linear potentiometer. This seems to be is pretty straight forward.

Also attached a sketch.

I will pay decent to get help with this project. Give me an offer. Would be helpful if person is located in NY/ Brooklyn.

Semi urgent.

Many thanks/ Sigurd

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