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1  Topics / Robotics / Drawing bot - from the beginning (maybe again) on: November 11, 2012, 12:13:18 pm
Hi there

I need to ask...
I have together with my son made a X-Y table from old CD players hooked it up with two L293 - that works fine. Now coding drawings are (I know) non trivial. So I ran into some challenges. I am using the stepper libery for controlling (I might make my own one day)

1) Have any one made liberies for drawing normal stuff like Squares, triangles and circles?
2) I would like to send commands from a Lazarus (or like) program running on a com. thus make a call to my arduino like: draw(x,y), move(x,y) So then I can make the drawing in my own program and the Arduino do not have to have ALL commands for the drawing at once. I would like to send them one by one (I know inefficient - but I need it for other projects - my drawing is only a playground project)

By the way I am a newbe (have had it for 2 weeks by now) - so please bring examples.

I know RS232 com with other equipment and run the comport routinely But not with the arduino).

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