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1  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Ultrasonic Anemometer on: November 14, 2012, 11:35:55 am
I have posted the eagle files I could find for my projects:

Download from:

I use:

Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor(EAGLE)

Version 5.6.1 for Windows

Light Edition

Copyright (c) 1988-2009 CadSoft
All rights reserved worldwide

Add the Sparkfun  Eagle parts library     "SparkFun.lbr"
Instructions from sparkfun tutorial "Beginning Embedded Electronics - 8"

The schematics relate to the following projects:

Weather Station:,8874.0.html

4digit1 ,  indoor , outdoor , supply

Programming the 328:,59968.0.html


SRAM memory:,50006.0.html


RF Links:,60239.0.html

rf_link_tx , rf_link_rx

Ultrasonic Anemometer:,53569.0.html

analog , digital , ultra_amp

hi carl, i´m new here in the forum, i have some question about the conection of the ultrasonic sensor it´s ok if I connect my north sensor ping ground with H2 and ping signal with H1, east  sensor Ping signal with H6 ground ping with H5, south sensor ping signal with H3 ground ping with H4 and west sensor ping with H7 ground ping H8. I´ts correct this connection and why in H4 are connected at 8 volts. thanks for your answer
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