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1  Topics / Education and Teaching / Re: Learning Arduino from scratch on: December 20, 2012, 06:34:24 am
I reviewed what is on the internet. I decided to separate the preparation of educational materials. Training will publish a Moodle platform (schematics, source code). Demonstrations of the programs I put on YouTube. What do you think about this?
2  Topics / Education and Teaching / Learning Arduino from scratch on: November 24, 2012, 06:12:24 pm
Hello to all people with learning using Arduino.

I would like to ask you for advice and opinion on the curriculum.

So a few words about what the problem is. I work as a school teacher in Kolobrzeg in Poland. I teach operating systems and computer networks. Robotics and automation are the topics that have always interested me and it was only 2 years they have accomplished the study. About two years ago I bought two sets of Lego Mindstorm and began to use them for extra-curricular activities with students. Unfortunately the price barrier meant that none of the students could not afford to buy such a set. Work was limited to classes at school. In May, I came across the Arduino project. Because of the low price I bought one kit to the test and started the adventure with Arduino. At the beginning of the team were three students who knew well the basics of programming, and also one of them well known in the electronics. Very quickly began to build more and more complex projects. A few examples. Clock synchronization with the NTP server and displays the current time on the LCD and using the website. 10x10 LED matrix done and several smaller projects.

The problem appeared in September of this year. To join our meetings to new students, who usually do not have any experience with programming and electronics. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of our activities students arrive. Whenever there is a new student I know that I have to explain everything from the beginning. We have the end of November, and we can not go beyond the simplest programs. I searched the Internet resources. I found a lot of interesting articles, courses and manuals. Virtually all of them are in English. For me, this is not a problem. For students of technical English and a lot of new concepts makes it practically useless knowledge. I wonder from which to prepare the course for my students. Translation of one of the books is not an option (copyright, edition, etc..). I'm thinking of translating into Polish Another idea is to translate ASKManualRev5. The third idea is to create your own course.
It can work out together an overall outline of such a course? It can be a Moodle course, or in the form of e-mail. In addition, one could prepare a workbook and can book for the teacher. This allows the Arduino can get to more schools. It seems to me that such a project will make teachers more likely to reach for Arduino with such support.

I encourage you to discuss.

If someone wants to see some pictures of our work feel free to visit our gallery:
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