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Regarding Alpha-Crucis, I am experiencing another case of lacking customer service. I currently have an order worth about €325. They did a partial delivery before Christmass and send me a backorder notification for the rest of the items. So far so good, but in the partial delivery was missing an Arduino Uno which I ordered, but was not mentioned among the backordered items.

Honest mistake, I thought, so I wrote them an email about the missing Uno. In the reply they claim that the Uno should be in the first package - but it is not, I checked and double checked. I told them that in another mail which I sent on 21st December. Since then, I didn't hear anything from them, even though I wrote several follow up mails to ask about the missing Uno and also an estimated delivery date for the items in backorder.

I eventually got tired of waiting for a reply, so I wrote them that if they do not respond, I will have my bank take back the amount of about €178 which corresponds to the items they did not deliver + shipping. Oddly, they replied to that mail within minutes in a rather impolite manner - stating that any payment withholding would result in legal charges.

I have stated in every mail that I would by far prefer that they do deliver the items I ordered - but they have not answered my two questions:

Would you please let me know when you expect to deliver the backordered items of my order?
Also, please let me know when you will deliver the Arduino Uno which was missing from the first parcel?

I still cling to the hope that this is some kind of big misunderstanding, but I am getting the feeling that AlphaCrucis is being dishonest with me and are trying to buy time so that I will not be able to make a claim. If anyone in this forum have the necessary contacts and are willing to look into the matter, I would be most grateful. The possible loss of money is one thing, but this also is beginning to delay my project - I need closure.

I will keep you posted on the development of this case, and I will notify AlphaCrucis that I posted my story here.

Esben Zeuthen
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