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1  Using Arduino / Displays / Re: Which Libraries are needed for LCD KeyPadShield? on: December 10, 2012, 08:47:36 am
Hi NickPyner!

Thanks for your answer. But I still cant get this working.

Downloading and unpacking results in a different files and library structure than you described. However, since the basic examples work fine, I think the basic setup is OK.

I assume I should be able to choose an example from File/Examples (I have a German version, but that's probably the translation).
  • I try File/Examples/LiquidCrystal/HelloWorld.
  • I successfully compile it with CTRL-R.
  • I successfully upload it with CTRL-U

But the display remains showing the very same like the original photo I linked in my first posting. After a minute or so the backlight went off. I have the impression that there's something wrong with this hardware but I'm trying to make sure it's not ME doing something wrong.

What makes me quite sure that the hardware is broken  is that after the backlight went off, it went on again after I touched the board. So I think there probably a bad solder joint somewhere. Or whatever. But before complaining to the seller I would like to be sure it's not me doing something wrong.
2  Using Arduino / Displays / Which Libraries are needed for LCD KeyPadShield? on: December 10, 2012, 05:02:43 am

I'm new to arduino and I just bought a KIT which includes the "SainSmart UNO" and "SainSmart 1602 LCD Keypad Shield". I've successfully played around with the blink demo code while the display was not connected. When I try to use the LCD KeyPad Shield I cannot get any example code to work. I've downloaded the arduino IDE 1.0.2 but none of the included example codes seem to work with my LCD KeypadShield (remains blank):

Could anyone please tell me what to do to run an example code like Hello World? I've found various downloads but they don't come with an explanation where to store them (in the libraries directory?). Without (proper) preparation and none of them compiled.

Thanks in advance!
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