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1  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / What to buy, how to start. (Beginner) on: December 12, 2012, 11:33:57 am
Hallo everyone,
I want to start programming with arduino, I've never used it.
I worked sometime with a DAQ usb (national instrument) 14 bits built on labview.
I know the matlab basics and I just started to use python (really basic stuffs).
I need your suggestions/advice about what to buy, what is better for me judging my information.

I was thinking to buy from:
I'm looking it from Switzerland. (I don't know if the products are differents or just the prices).

My idea was to buy a kit, they seem to be complete and very good to start.
The problem is that the choice is really big, so i'm a bit lost.

Could you please, suggest me the best starting kit from the url above?
I would like to have a reference book in the kit, which explain the user the experiences and how to proceed.

Thanks a lot. If you need more information, tell me and i will update the post.

up: This one looks good but there isn't a manual/reference book within, do you think it would be too hard?
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