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1  Topics / Product Design / Internal Doppler speedmeter system on: January 07, 2013, 06:07:41 am
Help me start use new facts
I want to ASAP strart measure many new facts

I'm lokking for people from  universities or corporations
not official contacts ( design department )

all is able be  very good evaluate by equations but I need made few test for  final confirm  

Main idea how work new tool

What is the reason doppler effect

 Source and Earth are  moving in the Universe  
                      (constant V  and Omega )

Source during time  T has many new position !

Important is confirm all 3d directions at one time  
( many similar opposite source  can confirm different Earth Absolute Velocity )

Method 1- Sum  Left + Right = Zero

step A) One source is master
step B ) we can Tuning right  source  and wait for Zero Sum Signal  
 ( after that read Hz different form Tuner )

Method 2   Read new wave - Sum L+ R  Different  

 Two source ( ideal twins )  are sending master  signal
Doppler is reason that Sum :  Left + Right  = new signal.
We can  read new wave - confirm S distance  = efect  L+R signal

Above tool have many new application special for radioamators
I love physics so it will be first model perfect accelerometer  
for many people who work in lab above tool will give new info about mistake ( we can eliminate by simple algoritms + astronomy time )

- f2 or f1 will feel Your finger during pushing mass m
 (  F=ma and  F*t=mV it is not all that we need know  )
plese see below picture and YouTube

>>> Inertia

Right now  I'm not rich person but I dream build many of new tools

my english is not good by design I love  I'm looking any person that want to make a team
start  new project  all what I'm showing here is my own and easy can be done
from parts that we can buy in shoop.
 >>> ( my patents /ideas )

what mean above for physics >>>

explain optical tools mistake algoritms >>>

mechanical experiment that explain new inertia problem !!!

Thank You for support by contacts
2  Community / Bar Sport / Led + camera = compass ( Test Zero dolars) on: December 22, 2012, 10:27:33 am
I'm inventor mechanical engineer  smiley-money smiley-eek smiley-eek-blue

Earth speed around  the SUN  = 30 000 000 mm/s
Light that was ! Was  sent from Led not move around Sun with Earth
 but always go strait

camera move around sun with Eatrh led also but light signal that was! was ! sent  NOT 

problem that I solve :
How to make picture of light and confirm  brightness by light sensor !!!

led  give many signals per on sec .  
10s pictures mean that Earth travel  300 km distance special filtre is important smiley

08/09 of October I started fight with new compass

I also confirmed that this can be new GPS system Independent
( I no need Nasa sattelites  Earth speed in the Universe is constant we need only confirm by sensor brightness all 3d directions )

please read step by step and support me Your knowledge /contacts
I dream start cooperate with universities  ( I ready relocate to  new work place )

I wait for brave radioamators ( radio signal also have similar equations like light waves )

at first please read theory
after all You can see real test my Nikon 5000  light sensor and flashlight

Dear administrator I not represent any company
please support my knowledge and home test  ( right now I lost my job - corporations not like smart Idea )

theory -

home test step by step

( please use mouse and after material list picture find picture Earth and Camera and Bulb
or read all  ...  )
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