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1  Development / Other Hardware Development / Interest in a powerful graphics shield on: January 13, 2013, 03:40:34 am

I am trying to gauge how much interest there is in a project I'm considering developing and potentially bringing to market.

I would like to develop an a shield compatible with the Arduino Mega. It will have an LCD display on it, with an optional 5-point multitouch display. It will also have a microSD slot on it.

How would this be different from every other lcd shield on the market? The idea is to integrate 16MB of SDRAM onto the board and to use a very powerful graphics display chip which supports up to 6 layers of graphics, and it can store textures and even whole lists of drawing primitives in its SDRAM, allowing it to refresh almost instantaneously. The chip also supports hardware scrolling up to 4096x4096 pixels, allowing smooth scrolling games to be made, and a bunch of other really neat features. This chip only has a parallel interface, so it needs a lot of pins, making it require the Mega. It would probably sit over the large block of pins and use only those pins other than power.

This board would hopefully be available for about $100 although that is subject to change.

Let me know whether you think this is a good idea, or if there is something similar that I've overlooked.

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