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1  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: ATMEGA64RZAV-10PU on: January 15, 2013, 07:47:50 pm
Oh dear, I feared as much. I guess I'll have to find some rf230 chips.

Thank you for the prompt response.
2  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / ATMEGA64RZAV-10PU on: January 15, 2013, 06:18:23 pm
Hello there,

I was recently gifted several of the following chips:  ATMEGA64RZAV-10PU

Essentially its a 40pin MCU w/ AT86RF230

I'm curious, do these chips have the RF chip embedded in this processor? Does anyone here have experience with said chip? When I search for this chip via Google, I find quite a few links to the datasheets, but nothing specifying how one would successfully use this chip. I'm guessing it uses a Zigbee type of interface, but thats as much as I was able to grab from the docs.

Chip Basics:
Interface:   JTAG, SPI
Protocol:         802.15.4 Zigbee
Sensitivity:   -101dBm
Frequency:   2.4 GHz

Any help welcomed!
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