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1  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Off Road Traction Control on: January 26, 2013, 06:22:10 pm
ok i found even more people searching for that and it seems that someone do that even better. read this
2  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Off Road Traction Control on: January 23, 2013, 04:57:39 pm
I think ABS doesn't have pump to generate presurized brake fluid, pressure created from your foot. Mostly Abs just have a release valve(pressure valve) per channel and open it in case of lock in order to reduce pressure on the caliper and the most recent units (EBD) change dynamicly the pressure distribution.
ESP in the other hand has a built in pressure pump to create the pressure to engage the brakes even if the driver doesnt press brake pedal.

For me isnt possible to customize (piggy backing) the abs unit cause it has 3-channels. And to be honest i dont think its is possible, also the electric drive is better cause it has proportional effect and can control the braking torgue better (maybe PID) instead of pulsing on-off.

I found that tapping into the VR sensor doesnt affect ABS. Racelogic aftermarket traction control do this succesfully, no problems reported.

So becoming possible, i just found some chips for VR sensor interfacing (LM1815, MAX9927), actually is just a conditioner circuit.

NCV7001 chip offer 4 VR sensor support
Found this also

3  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Off Road Traction Control on: January 23, 2013, 08:36:54 am
Wow I also consider to build a e-lsd, never thought that someone have the same idea with me  smiley

I just made a search and found out some pretty strong linear actuator but was too expensive(250E).

So i tried a windscreen wiper motor from a bmw and was ultra strong, I used this to operate the clutch of an R6 yamaha engine for an FSAE car. It was able to pull about 20kG in a 4cm lever with a very good mosfet H-bridge @12V(PC PSU). So a total pull of about <8cm which is too much for e-brake cable, potential a smaller arm can used to gain some force. In my project i build a small drum out of a pipe in order to have steady force an unlimited travel cause the 20kg was not enough so with 2cm drum diameter i manage to pull the clutch in less than 1 second and with a single turn a travel of Pi*D = 6, which was enough

If you plan to use two motor you can help the window motor with a spring not torsional.

Do you know how to pick the signal of the VR sensor without affect the ABS reading i dont want ABS to fail in any case. Maybe a high impedance input did not affected but I am not an electronic guy.
Also there are some IC that coverts the frequency to voltage but it needs zero crossing, so they are suitable for VR sensor in the other hand doesnt work with hall effect.
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