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1  Topics / Education and Teaching / Parts list for Beginning Arudino by Michael McRoberts on: January 25, 2013, 11:31:04 pm
I'm putting together an Ardunio learning plan, and the book I'll be using is Beginning Arudino by Michael McRoberts, and I'll be putting in a Uno, and a bread board, and then I would like to buy the rest of the parts to complete all of the projects in book. In reading through the book there is no sort table or appendix of parts required that I can just start getting them. I've checked the publishers website and was able to get the code, but without getting all the parts I have to go through every project and compile a list and then go out and buy them.

I'm curious if anyone knows if there is already a list or pdf of a list that I can use when ordering the parts.

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