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1  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: DVD Player Haxoring, VFD display. on: January 30, 2013, 08:40:47 pm

My project is VFD Clock, you provided the links yourself smiley
Here is the proper link though:
and the final video:
Everything is opensource - please use it.

By the wayI've got one more faulty DVD based on TORPO chip and 7 segment VFD display which looks similar to yours yet there are some differences. Slightly modified code from VFD clock project is already talking to the VFD panel - I just need to make changes to the charset. It should be almost identical to what you need for your project so I don't mind to share. If you're interested, of course.

2  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: DVD Player Haxoring, VFD display. on: January 29, 2013, 07:11:56 am

Such a pleasure to find that my personal project being discussed on Arduino forum!

I guess it is already too late and not topical but nevertheless I'll try to address some of your questions:

In order to control VFD display you need only:
1. VCC - +5V rail,
2. Data In - serial data input,
3. CLK - serial data clock.
4. And Ground of course.

No need to use:
1. Data Out if there is no requirement to read VFD controller's RAM - it is not vital for displaying characters on VFD display,
2. STB is already connected to an external oscillator on the same PCB, you don't have to connect it to anything else.

A link to an example of working code for HT16512 is here:
TORPO 6312 is almost the same as HT16512 so the code should provide you with general understanding. However, the code contains charset for 16-segment display and looks like you have 7-segment and the number of digits is different - some changes still have to be done.

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