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1  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Cheap-Thermocam | A cheap thermographic camera for everyone ! on: January 31, 2013, 01:43:08 pm
I've been reading all your posts and all the forums and websites.  I love this idea..  and i need something like this for a project im running.  I'm currently running a system with hot water in planks, under hydroponic plants to see what response i get from the plant.  I am looking for a thermal camera to take a couple pictures to see how much heat im radiating off.  I was wondering if anyone has one for sale in USA or canada?  for a fairly cheap price.  I'm a student dont got much money but very interested in plant productions and hydroponics.  and no i'm not trying to grow marijuana !!  we are growing red peppers.

PM me!
THanks guys! awesome work too!!
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