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1  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: SoftwareSerial with ATTiny84 using ATtiny library on: February 09, 2013, 07:59:10 am
For those using TinyISP with ATTinyx4 etc (specifically i use 84A_PU) and TinyDebugSerial at <=8Mhz

I found that on a new vanilla install (for windows 7 64) of Arduino IDE 1.0.3 (downloaded today 8/feb/2013) you should change the
define for the debug register and bit (see 2 lines below 'Use MISO as TX').

#elif defined( __AVR_ATtinyX4__ )

  #if F_CPU <= 8000000L
    // port B bit 0 (PB0)
    //#define TINY_DEBUG_SERIAL_REGISTER    0x18  <<<<original settings
    //#define TINY_DEBUG_SERIAL_BIT         0           <<<original settings
//use MISO as TX back to host, i.e Port A 5 (PA5)
    #define TINY_DEBUG_SERIAL_BIT         5
    // port A bit 0 (PA0)
    #define TINY_DEBUG_SERIAL_BIT         0

I am very new to all this (1 week in) so I hope the above is helpful, please reply if this info is erroneous and I'll correct.

PS: Thx very much for TinyISP, makes using 84/85's almost pleasurable smiley-wink

Kind Regards
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