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1  Products / Arduino Due / Re: Porting FreeRTOS from Atmel Studio to Arduino Due on: May 04, 2013, 07:20:59 am
My setup would not work on the mega, and it does not have Ethernet support. FreeRTOS does have a TCP/IP library, but it is unfortunately not free.
2  Products / Arduino Due / Re: I2C + DMA on: May 02, 2013, 11:39:35 am
I am currently using the DMA to handle the TWI communication on my due. Unfortunately I am not using the Arduino IDE, I am using atmel studio and FreeRTOS. I am not sure how much work it would be to port the functionality to be easily used in Arduino IDE, but if someone is interested in doing so i can highly recommend taking a look at the FreeRTOS_PERIPHERAL_CONTROL example that is included in atmel software framework(ASF). Unfortunately I do not think i have the skill to do it myself, but I am happy to help with whatever i can.
3  Products / Arduino Due / Re: Porting FreeRTOS from Atmel Studio to Arduino Due on: March 16, 2013, 03:49:26 am

I just got freeRTOS running on my Due. I use the version that is included in Atmel Software Framework (in Atmel Studio).

What i have done so far using freeRTOS:
- Create two tasks. One that executes every x ms and one that executes as soon there is something in the queue.
- Create a queue to communicate between tasks.
- Use TWI and USART (no UART yet though, the freeRTOS port does not seem to support that)

A note on using Atmel Studio and the Arduino Due. The TWI implementation in Atmel Studio has a bug that causes it to always return successes when writing just one byte to the slave, even when there is no slave connected to the bus. This is no problem when using the freeRTOS implementation in ASF since it is using the PDC, but instead there is a different problem. The freeRTOS TWI implementation require that an internal address for the slave is used and will return an error message if it is not. Both of these problems are quite easy to fix, and if anyone is interested I will post my solutions.
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