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1  International / India / Interfacing and code for DTMF tones without keypads using Arduino UNO on: March 29, 2013, 07:22:02 am
Hi friends, i need your help for my final year project and i'm running with very short time and even this project has to be
submitted by this month so ... here are my few questions and doubts.
1) Can we use normal gamepad dual joystick interfaced with arduino and sending the direction movement through DTMF tones without
using any keypads or dailpad?
2) As i show codes are used to generate DTMF tones without using dailpad, can be this codes used for my project?
3)If DTMF codes can be used means is it possible to assign some functions to each dailup tones?
4) If its possible how long it takes to finish it ?
hope you guys got my point what exactly is my project..
thank you.
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