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1  Using Arduino / Audio / Arduino controllable audio mixer on: April 03, 2013, 10:43:29 pm

I am a newbie here but am hoping some of you out there can make some recommendations. I am working on a project to use an Arduino to control a stethoscope simulator for veterinary training. Part of this task will involve taking a series of audio streams (3-4), adjusting the volume of each stream, mixing them, and outputting them to a single speaker. I have been contemplating using a set of mono audio amplifiers
and controlling the volume of each amplifier using a digital potentiometer adjusted using the Arduino:

I would then need to find some sort of simple, cheap audio mixer to produce the speaker input. And that's the piece I'm struggling to find. Is there a simple IC audio mixer that I could use for this purpose? I assume just wiring all of the outputs to a single speaker would not work.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Dan Fletcher
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