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1  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Troubleshooting / Re: USBtinyISP IDE Problem on: August 07, 2010, 06:52:39 am


2  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Troubleshooting / Re: USBtinyISP IDE Problem on: August 06, 2010, 05:39:24 pm

Normally without modifying some Arduino files the USBtinyISP can only be used to burn bootloaders, not sketches from inside the Arduino IDE.

This is the reason I asked!!

If you have an external programmer (e.g. an AVR-ISP, STK500, or parallel programmer), you can burn sketches to the Arduino board without using the bootloader. This allows you to use the full program space (flash) of the chip on the Arduino board. So with an ATmega168, you'll get 16 KB instead of 14 (on an ATmega8 you'll get 8 KB instead of 7). It also avoids the bootloader delay when you power or reset your board.

I have changed my preferences.txt

3  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Troubleshooting / USBtinyISP IDE Problem on: August 06, 2010, 01:00:45 pm
Hi all,

I have a problem uploading a sketches to the board using the USBtinyISP.

I can Burn a Bootloader to my Nano168/328 & Duemilanove 328 but when I follow the instructions for uploading via USBtinyISP I get the following error:

(Sorry XP wont let me copy the console text)

Does anyone know how to resolve the Errors?

Thanks In Advance

4  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Interfacing / Re: LCD4Bit_mod int to char help on: February 28, 2010, 04:20:25 am

got it working with my dfrobot shield.

how can i use the button with a menu system.

basically scrolling through  the records on the EEPROM?

got any ideas?

thanks in advance
5  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Interfacing / LCD4Bit_mod int to char help on: February 27, 2010, 08:38:24 pm
I am tryin to display Data from my EDB to my LCD Input Shield.

Whenever i try to print out data i get funny characters.

So I tried just displaying the Value of a button press!! Instead of displaying 304,719,476,129,0 i'm just getting junk!

#include <LCD4Bit_mod.h> 
//create object to control an LCD.  
//number of lines in display=1
LCD4Bit_mod lcd = LCD4Bit_mod(2); 

void setup()
  //optionally, now set up our application-specific display settings, overriding whatever the lcd did in lcd.init()
  lcd.commandWrite(0x0F);//cursor on, display on, blink on.  (nasty!)

void loop()
  int msg;
  lcd.cursorTo(1, 0);
  lcd.printIn("Brain Sytem");
  msg = analogRead(0);
  char myChar = msg;
  lcd.cursorTo(2, 0);

can anyone help?

Thanks in advance
6  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / Re: Library for RF remote switches on: October 13, 2010, 02:44:39 pm

Thanks for Great Library.

I have a few RF Remote Relay Plugs and have managed to read and log the codes using the Show_received_code.pde.

The RX And TX Modules, Plugs and Remotes are all 433mhz AM

These are the Transmitted codes for the  Remote Control Switch 3-pack From Clas Ohson


A      1 ON      172771      325us

A      1 OFF      177145      325us

A      2 ON      175687      325us

A      2 OFF      175686      325us

A      3 ON      176659      325us

A      3 OFF      176658      325us

B      1 ON      408967      325us

B      1 OFF      408966      325us

B      2 ON      411883      325us

B      2 OFF      411882      325us

B      3 ON      412855      325us

B      3 OFF      412854      325us

C      1 ON      487699      325us

C      1 OFF      487698      325us

C      2 ON      490615      325us

C      2 OFF      490614      325us

C      3 ON      491587      325us

C      3 OFF      491586      325us

D      1 ON      513943      325us

D      1 OFF      513942      325us

D      2 ON      516859      325us

D      2 OFF      516858      325us

D      3 ON      517831      325us

D      3 OFF      517830      325us

How do I transmit this code for example?

172771    325us

Would I need the interrupts? a receiver wont be required..

Thanks In Advance


7  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / Using Char Value from Library on: December 26, 2010, 03:25:54 pm
I Hope Everyone had a Happy Holiday.

I have created a library that collects values from switches and a Joystick:

Here is a sample:
char Nav_Buff[25];             // Navigation cmd Buffer
int xAxis_val;

void Controller::Collect_Commands(){
// Collects all Buttons State and Joystick Values and store in Nav_Buff
  if(digitalRead(button_A)==0)      // CHECK BRAKE
  { strcat(Nav_Buff, "1,");}      // BRAKE
  else strcat(Nav_Buff, "0,");      // NO BRAKE

  if(digitalRead(button_B)==0)      // CHECK THROTTLE
  { strcat(Nav_Buff, "1,");}      // THROTTLE
  else strcat(Nav_Buff, "0,");      // NO THROTTLE

  if(digitalRead(button_C)==0)      // Check Button C
  { strcat(Nav_Buff, "1,"); }
  else strcat(Nav_Buff, "0,");      //  

  xAxis_val=analogRead(xAxis_pin);                   //Read Analog input
         if(xAxis_val==511){strcat(Nav_Buff, "0");}       //home
  else if(xAxis_val>=515){strcat(Nav_Buff, "1");}      // Left
  else if(xAxis_val<=500){strcat(Nav_Buff, "2");}      // Right


What do I need to do to pass this value to the sketch?
I want to be able to assign based on each value using "if .. else"

Thanks in Advance

8  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / USBtinyISP Boards Settings on: August 30, 2010, 09:00:25 am
I Have Just made a Diy Board using a 168 and a 8mhz xtal with a ISP header.

How do I create a Entry in the boards.txt file so I can still use normal boards (Boot loader/FTDI) and USBtinyISP.

I tried making the following addition the the boards.txt:

Code: ATmega168-16mHz



But all it does is replace the existing 168 Entry in the boards menu & still tries to upload using serial port.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

9  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / Re: MIDI Library on: February 08, 2010, 01:23:24 pm
How would i send the start command?

I have look @ the help files but still am lost!!

I  want to add START & STOP to buttons on a mixing desk.

10  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / Re: Database Library on: March 25, 2010, 12:46:55 pm
I figured it out:

Database Structure:
struct LogEvent {
  int id;
  char name[9]; // allow u to store a 9 Character string

Database Read out:
     Serial.print(" Temp: "); Serial.print([0]); Serial.print([1]);  Serial.print([2]);
      Serial.print([3]); Serial.print([4]);  Serial.print([5]);Serial.print([6]);

thanks for the help!!!!!

11  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / Re: Database Library on: March 25, 2010, 01:03:34 am
i have tried every possible datatype:

array, string & int.

no matter how i store the data before saving it to the eeprom i et the same result.

only the first character  is saved.

off to work!! will try again tonight

12  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / Re: Database Library on: March 24, 2010, 04:31:46 pm
I have posted the original code with a basic tweak:

Changed the temp from "int" t0 "char"


 Extended Database Library + 24XX512 EEPROM Demo Sketch
 The Extended Database library project page is here:
 The E24C1024 library project page is here:
#include "WProgram.h"
#include <EDB.h>
#include <E24C1024.h>

// Use the 24XX512 EEPROM as storage
#include <Wire.h>
#include <E24C1024.h> // Should be compatible with 24XX512 series in this instance

// From the 24XX512 datasheet:
// The Chip Select bits A2, A1 and A0 can be used to expand the
// contiguous address space for up to 4 Mbit by adding up to eight
// 24XX512 devices on the same bus.
// So, each device must be have their address pins wired as listed below to
// create a single, contiguous address space across one or more devices.
// Example - 1 device:
// Device connections: A0->GND, A1->GND, A2->GND
// Uncomment only the #define TABLE_SIZE 65536 line below.

// Example - 3 devices:
// Device 1 connections: A0->GND, A1->GND, A2->GND
// Device 2 connections: A0->GND, A1->+5V, A2->GND
// Device 3 connections: A0->+5V, A1->+5V, A2->GND
// Uncomment only the #define TABLE_SIZE 196608 line below.
// Uncomment the ONE line appropriate for your platform.  
//#define TABLE_SIZE 65536 // 1 device: A0->GND, A1->GND, A2->GND
//#define TABLE_SIZE 131072 // 2 devices: A0->+5V, A1->1, A2->GND
//#define TABLE_SIZE 196608 // 3 devices: A0->GND, A1->+5V, A2->GND
//#define TABLE_SIZE 262144 // 4 devices: A0->+5V, A1->+5V, A2->GND
//#define TABLE_SIZE 327680 // 5 devices: A0->GND, A1->GND, A2->+5V
//#define TABLE_SIZE 393216 // 6 devices: A0->+5V, A1->GND, A2->+5V
//#define TABLE_SIZE 458752 // 7 devices: A0->GND, A1->+5V, A2->+5V
//#define TABLE_SIZE 524288 // 8 devices: A0->+5V, A1->+5V, A2->+5V

// default to the smallest - 1 device
#ifndef TABLE_SIZE
#define TABLE_SIZE 65536

// The number of demo records that should be created.  This should be less
// than (TABLE_SIZE - sizeof(EDB_Header)) / sizeof(LogEvent).  If it is higher,
// operations will return EDB_OUT_OF_RANGE for all records outside the usable range.

// Arbitrary record definition for this table.  
// This should be modified to reflect your record needs.
struct LogEvent {
  int id;
  char temperature;

// Create an EDB object with the appropriate write and read handlers
EDB db(&E24C1024::write, &E24C1024::read);

// Run the demo
void setup()
  Serial.println("Extended Database Library + 24XX512 EEPROM Demo");

  // create a table with starting address 0
  Serial.print("Creating table...");
 // db.create(0, TABLE_SIZE, (unsigned int)sizeof(logEvent));;


void loop()

void recordLimit()
  Serial.print("Record Limit: ");

void deleteAll()
  Serial.print("Truncating table...");

void countRecords()
  Serial.print("Record Count: ");

void createRecords(int num_recs)
  Serial.print("Creating Records...");
  for (int recno = 1; recno <= num_recs; recno++)
  { = recno;
    logEvent.temperature = '16:00'; //random(1, 125);
    EDB_Status result = db.appendRec(EDB_REC logEvent);
    if (result != EDB_OK) printError(result);

void selectAll()
  for (int recno = 1; recno <= db.count(); recno++)
    EDB_Status result = db.readRec(recno, EDB_REC logEvent);
    if (result == EDB_OK)
      Serial.print("Recno: "); Serial.print(recno);
      Serial.print(" ID: "); Serial.print(;
      Serial.print(" Temp: "); Serial.println(logEvent.temperature);  
    else printError(result);

void printError(EDB_Status err)
  Serial.print("ERROR: ");
  switch (err)
    case EDB_OUT_OF_RANGE:
      Serial.println("Recno out of range");
    case EDB_TABLE_FULL:
      Serial.println("Table full");
    case EDB_OK:
      Serial.println("Unknown Error");
13  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Development / Re: Database Library on: March 24, 2010, 01:39:32 pm
I have just got EDB_24XX512 Example working with my  24AA1025.

The problem i'm having is storing Text in the database field.

Id = 1
Date = 24/03/2010
Time = 16:00
Value = 1023

I ether get the first letter of the string or a "0".

I have tried changing
struct LogEvent {
  int id;
  int Date;
  int Time;
  int Value;


struct LogEvent {
  int id;
  char Date;
  char Time;
  char Value;

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in Advance
14  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Troubleshooting / Re: cannot compile on ubuntu 9.10 on: January 14, 2010, 08:26:28 am
Cheers guys,

Its workin now.

Its a pitty i think i just fried my nano though!!
15  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Troubleshooting / cannot compile on ubuntu 9.10 on: January 13, 2010, 04:21:57 pm
I have just tried to run arduino-0017 on my Ubuntu 9.10

i get these errors:


/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:26:22: error: inttypes.h: No such file or directory

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:27:20: error: avr/io.h: No such file or directory

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:28:27: error: avr/interrupt.h: No such file or directory

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:29:26: error: avr/pgmspace.h: No such file or directory

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:30:19: error: stdio.h: No such file or directory

                 from /home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:32:

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring.h:101: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'boolean'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring.h:102: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'byte'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring.h:110: error: expected ')' before 'mode'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring.h:111: error: expected ')' before 'int'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring.h:123: error: expected ')' before 'pin'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring.h:125: error: expected ')' before 'dataPin'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring.h:127: error: expected ')' before 'void'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring_private.h:30:23: error: avr/delay.h: No such file or directory

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:43: error: expected ')' before 'interruptNum'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:102: error: expected ')' before 'interruptNum'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:202: error: redefinition of 'SIGNAL'

/home/darrell/Desktop/arduino stuff/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/WInterrupts.c:197: error: previous definition of 'SIGNAL' was here

whats it mean?

Thanks in advance
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