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1  Community / Gigs and Collaborations / EVE Alpha: In search of passionate linux/Arduino/IoT people on: November 14, 2012, 08:26:51 am

EVE Alpha ( is a Raspberry-Pi add-on board with lots of different wireless support, with the aim of creating a universal home automation hub. We (at Ciseco) hope to be able to talk to everything around the house. From lights to the post box and everything in between.
We've already got the hardware board designed and they have been sent for manufacture.

EVE is an open source project, and we hope EVE Alpha will be the start of a great community.

We are looking to the Arduino community for help crafting the software that will run EVE.
And in developing sensors and actuators that EVE can talk to!

Some front end items we are looking at integrating include EMONCMS from and the project.

Can you help us with any of the following?
Radio interfaces, particularly Z-Wave and EnOcean
Web based front end
Mobile app front end
Julius voice recognition
IFTT scheduling

We'd like the EVE community to help defining everything down to an API for EVE's interactions.
Any input not matter how small is welcome,

There's more info and pictures on our Kickstarter project

For the Arduino user interested in developing sensors and actuators that EVE can talk to, Ciseco has just released the new XinoRF and RFµ-328

XinoRF is a full size Arduino with our latest SRF-U radio. This is going to be a great board to develop your own sensors and actuators that can talk to EVE.
The first batch of Xino RF's have now been built and there a pile on my desk waiting for programming and testing.
You can pre-order them from the Ciseco shop now.

RFµ-328 is a Xbee shaped SRF with AtMeag328p on board. Once you have developed your sensor/actuator on the XinoRF you can deploy with a RFµ-328 board.
The new RFµ-328 is going through the pick and place machine tomorrow and should ship next week.

Many thanks
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