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106  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Convert String (5-byte HEX) received via Serial to uint64 for nRF24L01+ address? on: April 17, 2014, 09:05:41 am
I think there's a c ++ function you can use

107  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Webcam on: April 16, 2014, 11:40:05 am
What you probably want to do is use the ardunio to control servos that controls the position of webcam and your vehicle.

You probably want something like this.

The video streaming is handled by another component. Not sure what. It looks like some portable wifi component.

If you want remote control like from thousands of miles away, you probably will need a server.
108  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: arduino UNO and Arduino mega differences in program on: April 15, 2014, 06:20:20 pm
different boards call for different pins.
109  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Library error: 'Some thing' was not declared in this scope drive me Nuts on: April 14, 2014, 03:54:23 pm
Are you saying that I can't use serialEvent1(), serialEvent2() and serialEvent3() in a library in the same way that I use it in a sketch?

What he's saying is you better stick

 Uart_WIFI:: in front of

serialEvent1() in the function definition.

You might need to include <arduino.h> in your source file since you're using arduino's serial events.
110  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Help with modulo. 25%10 always rounds off to 6. on: April 13, 2014, 07:23:43 am
You're dealing with decimals not int. try float .
111  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: How to return the class an object belongs to? on: April 12, 2014, 08:32:30 pm

Oh, good to know!
112  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Parsing large strings on: April 10, 2014, 10:27:49 am
you have a sd card component on the shield. Why not use that to store the html?
113  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Using millis() to create a single time delay on: April 09, 2014, 08:50:54 pm
Int definition
114  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Time Library loses correct time when sync is lost on: April 09, 2014, 11:41:52 am
RTC is the easiest way to go.
115  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: basic c question on: April 08, 2014, 12:45:53 pm
you have to use strcmp correctly

this site is the place to be where you have to code C.
116  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Filtering only big changes (Processing) on: April 06, 2014, 06:53:46 pm
You can store whatever in processing. You are the programmer. Make a game plan.

So you have to explain the data coming in to us as well. So this is a heart monitor. Why is it so erratic. Is each vertical pixel line represent an electrical pulse and time interval? why is the serial coming in as groups of 5? If you post the arduino code and how the sensor works, it would help a lot.

Wish you luck 'cause I don't know. You might have better luck in the processing forum as this is a visualization issue more than anything.

I have a feeling the way you're rendering the electrical pulses is wrong. If you want to make to look like the heart beat chart, you'll need to make the pixel 'MOVE/animate' to the point of peak, not draw directly to the peak.
117  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Filtering only big changes (Processing) on: April 05, 2014, 09:18:22 pm
If you want to smooth out the peaks and valleys, you take the average or median of a group of data . Cycle  through the entire data set.

You can then stretch and shift the visualization however you  want through addition, subtraction, multiplication, how you would manipulate a sine curve.
118  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: conversion to ppm for methane sensor on: April 05, 2014, 07:55:44 pm
If you guys have a little money to spare, use an infrared sensor.

It's a dual CO2 sensor too.
119  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Switch Case on: April 01, 2014, 04:04:40 pm
so what's the question?

if you understand if then better, switch in if form is like this

if(variable == b) {

} else if(variable == c) {

} else {
  // D     default
120  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: New webServer with ajax inputs problem on: March 31, 2014, 04:08:47 pm
This is a pretty good example with ajax.
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