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Hey guys, I could use some help.

So what I'm trying do to is this. It's basically a flight recorder, which takes information from a Wii nunchuck and should put the G-force information on the LCD-display. According to the manual you should use this program to make the Arduino Duemilanove work correctly.

The problem is that we have a different LCD-display then the one that they're using, so we canät get it to work. We changed the hex-codes in LCDSerial.cpp so they match our display, but the program freezes up after displaying the text "WiiCoasterUI".
We think that this is where the problem occurs.


In the wiichuck_funcs.h this it says this:
#define pwrpin PC3
#define gndpin PC2
DDRC |= _BV(pwrpin) | _BV(gndpin);
PORTC &=~ _BV(gndpin);
PORTC |=  _BV(pwrpin);

When it says "PC3" and "PC2" we can't even load the program on to the arduino, but we read on the internet that you should remove "PC". But now it doesn't work instead.

We could really use some help, since this should be handed in on monday.

Here's the data sheets for the original LCD-display and for the one we uses:

Thank you for your help
2  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / News / Re: Single-page Arduino Cheat Sheet on: April 24, 2010, 03:03:43 pm
Really nice! It's very helpful
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