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1  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: January 10, 2013, 06:59:53 pm
That repository thing will be very nice, you can even add a link into your application.

i am not sure if i have understood you correctly. (my english is not perfect)
But my application already uses my repository from a exported xml file.
Pauls repository is in the list too.
2  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: January 10, 2013, 03:09:09 pm
@LETARTARE: it is compiled with wxWidgets 2.9.3. There might be problems when it is compiled with a different Version.

@eried: i made a quick webpage for uploading of libraries some time ago here:
But it was never really used.
And i would really like to redo the webpage completely when it would be used, as i learned much new since then.

Pauls repository is only managed by himself i believe.

looks like a nice library manager @eried. Where can i get it?

//Edit: oh sorry. just seen that it is a modified arduino editor. looks nice.

If you want i could make the webmanagement side to add a user-repository to the mod.
that would be nice. smiley
3  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: September 29, 2012, 06:08:37 pm
Hi Paul,

sorry that i was silent for so long again.
I learned much new in the meantime for programming.
And i would like to do some stuff a bit different in this project now as i learned.

I don´t know if arduino already has some sort of library management already.

I updated the tool to allow multiple repositories. I have added your xml and my xml to the list.
Pauls list is the default.
There can easily added more to the list with the repositories.txt file.

The new Version is here:
I am not sure why the download got smaller. But i hope it still works for everyone.
4  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: May 02, 2012, 10:25:06 am

uhh. i just noticed a php notice in the xml. not good. Must have changed something of my hosting smiley

yes. the numbers are an auto_increment in the database. so they just count up.

the category tag was planned for a category selection in the application. Currently it is only possible to select the category on the webversion
For the ardulibrary application it is not used at the moment.

Now. the authors are not used in the application either. But they should show the author of the library.
"sascha" is my name.
But i am not the author of the libraries. i just added them in my application.

now. You are right about the missing link for a documentation. I did it the way that it opens a url with the id of the library. So if you double-click on a library it opens for example

mh. as you tell it. I fear i hardcoded that link. Need to change this for sure.

if you need some change to the xml it should not be a problem and i will implement it.

Hope i could help.

//Edit: yes. i had this version problem too because many library developers use some odd way of versioning or do not write any version at all. So i think the best way is to numerate them?
5  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: May 02, 2012, 09:46:26 am
It is not as active as i would like.
But when we get together a nice repository i would really like to change it so it can be used easily in Ardulibrary.

My biggest problem was always to get a good and up to date repository of libraries.

So making it like Visual Micro suggested is a good idea.

It always was possible to change the url of the xml in ardulibrary by hand. But i think a dropdown with a list would be a better option for users.

the next step would be a integration into CodeBlocks Arduino Edition. smiley

Thanks that my small project is not forgotten.
6  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Source code revision control on: March 05, 2012, 12:39:30 pm
i personally use SVN on my private server for most of my Projects when i know they might be in a constant development.

You can also create local svn repositories relatively easy with tortoisesvn.

If you want to work alone. But doing a backup might be harder this way.

If you keep to the recommendet default repository structur with the folders “trunk“ for your ongoing development,
“tags“ for all your release candidates and “branches“ for when you want to change a lot on your code. It looks a lot like you are already doing just without a real versioning system.

I also looked at a lot at other systems like GIT or mercurial. But i love SVN just because its simple to understand system “a folder for everything“.

If you want to try it on a real server environment, i could create a repository for you because i never used a local repository.
7  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: February 28, 2012, 06:02:03 am
Nice project.

It would be nice if it could be integrated.

I looked at how to develop a codeblocks plugin. But i can not even compile the hello world plugin. Possible because i use wxWidgets from the SVN trunk and codeblocks is not easy to compile with wxWidgets 2.9.
Or do you want to integrate the tool differently?
I could look further in plugin-development for codeblocks.

Will you release the source-code of your modified codeblocks?
And what is about the PHP-Backend to manage the libraries?

It is always good to have some choices but i think there is already a official IDE in development using Qt.
8  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: February 23, 2012, 03:28:56 pm
Hello and sorry for my long break.
I have not forgot your reports and this tool.

Also i want to thank jcnossen for uploading a library. smiley
It should still be compatible with the Arduino IDE 1.0.
Not sure about the libraries though.

So i updated it and it is now possible to install or remove multiple libraries at once.
Download Ardulibrary 0.1.5

//Edit: fixed now some bugs in version 0.1.5 and i fixed the updating. now as soon as some new version of a lib is published and "install" is pressed, the old version is deinstalled with the old file-structure and the new version is installed.
9  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: December 27, 2011, 01:25:29 am
Hello and thanks for testing.

Installing multiple libraries at once is now on the todo list.

I wasn't aware that the new Listview allows multiple selections by default.
10  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Libraries Census and Repository on: September 28, 2011, 09:32:58 am

it is nice to see that something like this is finally coming.
I have worked on a project just like this with not so much success here:,63215.0.html

it works and everything. But it is hard to get all the libraries together.

I look forward to the official solution to this.
11  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: August 15, 2011, 01:31:56 pm
Hi and sorry that i have misunderstood your post in that point.
And i appreciate your hard work on that.

you can of course use the XML-Structure that Ardulibrary uses. (don't know if this is even a good name for that application.)
So it can easily be used with it. If you think there are some Values missing in the XML you can add them and i might use them in the application. I used most of the structure that AlphaBeta created and i might have removed some values or just didn't used some of them at the moment.

I am not sure though if i like it that there will be only 1 maintainer to add, change or remove libraries.
On the other side, i think it might be nice if i add your repository of libs as the tested and maintained libraries-list.
And the other one as an inofficial list where every developer can add libraries and new versions.
And the users use this list on their own risk.

If you want to look at the current XML-Structure you can look at this url that is generated out of my current database:
12  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: August 14, 2011, 02:00:14 pm
Hello and thank you.

If i understand you right you modify the libs so they work with Teensy
that they would no longer work on an Arduino Board?

I am not sure how these libraries could help in this project at the moment then.
But nice to see someone else had the same idea and made a central list for a 3rd party board.
If you know of any way to support this application i would be happy. smiley

Just to note:
I updated the Ardulibrary after i tested the method of finding the Directory where the libraries should be installed from the application.
I found out the IDE does not create the libraries directory and so now i changed the ardulibrary downloader to read the config-file of the Arduino IDE for the sketch directory and creates the libraries directory inside it.
Now the user should no longer need to search for the correct directory for himself.
13  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: August 12, 2011, 03:07:02 pm
Hi. And thanks for the kind words.

I am not sure if we both talk about the same "Arduino repository".

Because as far as i know there is no central repository for libs from Arduino.
The only place that i know of where "some" of the libs that exists out there in the world of Arduino are in the playground here:

And that is a public wiki where everyone can post and write links.
So some of the libs there in the playground only have a link to an external webpage where somewhere you can find the lib from the author.
And some have a own wiki page where somewhere there you can find a link to the lib. Then some of the libs have a different directory structure etc.
So nothing is standardized there. And i don't believe the Arduino crew have any possibility to get that data in some form that can easily imported from somewhere else.

So please don't understand me wrong.
At most of this i was already thinking how to do it in a way that would be the best before i started with this application and while i was developing it.
And i think the only way is to make a new repository where every library creator uploads their libs in a standardized form.
(i believe i should release a how-to how the structure of the zip-file should look like and maybe implement a check when the lib got uploaded.
But to be honest. Most of the libs should already be in that structure because this is how the Arduino crew recommend it.)

And then i am not a pro c++ coder. I started this project to learn a bit about developing in c++ and to try to develop it in a way that should make it easy to compile it for other operating systems out there.

So i hope there will be support from some library developers. smiley-wink
I still have many ideas how this project could get better.
It is just mostly hard work to gather all the needed information.
14  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: August 12, 2011, 04:59:47 am
The plan of the application was to have a central repository for all libraries.

to maintain the libraries there is the web page
where every developer can register and upload new versions of their libraries.
they even can be downloaded directly from the web page if someone don't want to use the tool.

once they are uploaded they will be directly available in the application and it should show you that there is a new version.

it is possible that someone else than the developer uploads new libs and versions.
15  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Arduino Library downloader on: August 11, 2011, 02:33:15 pm
Hi and thanks for trying it out.

I am Sorry but recognition of already installed libraries is not possible.
This is because i know of no way to clearly identify the installed libraries.

Maybe i will try to download all available libs from the list and analyze the zipped files with the folders that are already inside the Arduino folder.
But then the application will need to download first every available library to check them.
might be too much when there will be more libraries in the list.

If someone have a better idea just let me know.

Can you just install the lib from the list that you already have? then it will be marked in the application.
Next on my list for the next feature is to implement the filter/search inside the Application.
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