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I read online someone speaking about calling a shell to disable it, probably was you.

Im unemployed and bored, so im building a home automation system, one step at a time. I havnt programmed C since 2 classes in college, and i have not used a micrcontroller since highschool 8 years ago. So i thought slow would be good.

Right now the thermostat checks the tempature, displaying the current, and goal tempatures, displays the time and day, as well as turns a LED on and off which simulates a relay to control my furnace.

Right now it sends current tempature data to php, and i can update the goal tempature, the time, and manually turn furnace on and off with the web interface.

Eventually i wish to add controls, and readouts for a signicant number of things.

Out side lights, window AC units, water/gas/electricity usage monitoring, among others.

Right now, im building it in steps, getting things functional. At this time i do not care about things looking pretty, and im happy to take my time, doing one goal at a time, if i need to change stuff later to accomodate new additions that is fine.

This whole thing im using as a re-learning experience anyway.

Sorry if my stuff is hard to read or follow, i've been up for 20 hours straight and the caffeine is wearing off all the sudden.
2  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Bugs & Suggestions / Re: please add a jumper to disable auto reset on: May 05, 2010, 09:38:21 am
I did see something about disabling DTR in perl while googling, but couldn't find anything relevant to php.

I may check out perl, though i know nothing about it.

I didnt know anything  about php till yesterday though lol. So i'll check your script, and see what i need to use perl.

Thanks much, i'll let you know if i end up switching over, or if i find another fix.

EDIT - What language is that? so i can try to have it translated smiley

EDIT #2.
Right now, i send a request for data to the arduino, then i receive it, im also sending some other commands to it via php as well, some inputs.

Something i was thinking about though, if/when i scale this up, to more communication and variables, i was wondering if i i will need to switch to a stand alone program monitoring and sending the data to the arduino, with a database inbetween that program and php side of things.

Im truly brand new to all of this, so im just thinking outloud at this point.
3  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Bugs & Suggestions / Re: please add a jumper to disable auto reset on: May 05, 2010, 03:15:20 am
Howdy all.

Im outputting a value over serial through PHP to a webpage. If refreshed to fast, the value shows as 0.

I had also noticed that using the serial port with out Arduino's included serial monitor causes arduino to reset.
However leaving the serial monitor open all the time, while being impractical anyways, it seems to intercept any data sent to the pc from arduino, so the php cant access it.

With it disabled, the data is sent to php, and works just fine, as long as its not refreshed to fast, i then googled my way to this thread.

Now the resistor suggestions between reset and 5v pin does not work for me.  The board still resets from php. However when the resistor jumper is attached im not able to upload sketches. So apparently its doing something, just not the intented function.

Did not have a 110, however tried 120, 130, and 150.

Niether of these resistors did anything.

The board is still being reset.

Any suggestions?
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