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Awesome work!!! way to go, this is totally amazing.

Any new updates???

I was just reading about the zeo the other day and was really hoping someone could make such a device for lucid dreaming.

I got some questions for the creator

Why did you choose to track the eye movements through the temple and not the frontal lobes?

The zeo personal sleep coach tracks the frontal lobes which are located on the forehead using foam pads which you don't need to use any gel. They said their tech which they call softwave is patented and is based on polysomnography which they say is the most reliable way of detecting sleep cycles including REM and that this is what they use in sleep labs all around the world.

The zeo is a wireless device that communicates on the 2.4mhz band, the zeo alarm clock has an sd card which all the nights sleep data is recorded onto which can then be viewed by inserting it into a PC.

Will your device work via a cable to a PC/notebook that sits by your beside table?

Can you not make a console that communicates with the headband wireleslly  without needing a computer by your bed?

I see in your first post of this thread that your headband has the same tech like the remdreamer which is TWC for two way communication. The remdreamer has just got this new upgrade out which is a rem speaker that can work with TWC do you think your device could support this, the remspeaker allows you to record an audio clip which can be played when the rem sensor detects that you are dreaming.

I would love to see this device of yours being able to have the following features

light and beep cues
audio cues
console with microphone for recording audio cues (so no computer needed)
4 LED's for each eye, a light and sound machine upgrade for the future that could get your brainwaves ready for lucid dreaming. This is what the dreammaker pro has. Maybe we can forget this feature.

Anyway if you could have all those features and maybe or maybe not the last one then that would be so awesome.

I would love to see you building these as a complete unit and as well offering the flashed chip and parts for people to build it themselves.

Awesome and please keep up the great work, this is amazing work that really has got to be finished. The best idea I have seen in many years.

Thanks very much for reading
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