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16  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Benchtop power supply and outlet / other homemade power supplies? on: January 26, 2012, 02:24:59 pm
How accurate are your voltages?

The voltages are certainly not perfect, but useable by me. the 12V tie puts out ~11.75V solid, I haven't been able to do anything to it that have pulled it much lower.

So where does the power in come from and you did not show or mention that?

I guess I failed to mention how the power gets into the box... I just have it hard wired through a three-wire cord, maybe 6 feet long. It allows me to reach an outlet in all the spots I need to use it. So it puts a switched outlet on my desk where I don't need to move shelves and rearrange the house to get at.  smiley-roll

After using it for a few weeks it has turned out very useful, although one catch I've found is that the PSU has some sort of "short-protection" circuit, so you have to be sure to balance your circuits, unlike the 7805's that you can beat the livin daylights out of!  smiley-lol
17  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: My DIY Breadboard Power Adapter on: January 19, 2012, 03:12:45 pm
nice, simple design. looks good!
18  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Benchtop power supply and outlet / other homemade power supplies? on: January 10, 2012, 11:01:28 am
yes, I was thinking that as soon as I put all three reds in a row... I don't know where I could find these type of jacks in another color though. Maybe a little Krylon plastic is in order...
19  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Benchtop power supply and outlet / other homemade power supplies? on: January 09, 2012, 07:01:34 pm
Also I just found my design on Sketchup that I made before even cutting any wood. Check it out:
20  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Arduino Ultrasonic Dimmer on: January 09, 2012, 06:38:04 pm
very neat! Might just save that link to try out your dimmer setup myself. smiley-wink Thinking about hooking up a dimmer circuit with a photoresistor so it can measure the light in the room and compensate if it's too low.
21  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Benchtop power supply and outlet / other homemade power supplies? on: January 09, 2012, 06:31:27 pm
Just took a week or so off my projects to finish one I've had sitting half-done for a while. It's a benchtop power supply/outlet that is controlled by one switch. I used an old power supply from a desktop to get Ground, 12V, 5V, and 3.3V. For the enclosure I used MDF (a pain to finish!!) assembled with all mitered edges. The back is screwed on with non-obtrusive black screws were I to need to give it a good dusting once in a while. I just finished it up about ten minutes ago with some rubber feet and labels for the power knobs. (might be helpful...) The knobs are the RS banana jack/binding post type. I'm thinking this project will come in very handy especially for a benchtop outlet for my soldering iron. The outlet and power supply are switched by the one switch so I can know that everything is off when I leave the room. Does anyone else have a neat homemade power supply they'd like to share a pic or two of?

22  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Brand new Wii Nunchuck library for Arduino 1.0 on: December 22, 2011, 01:54:06 pm
Hey everyone,
While checking out the old "wiichuck demo" code online, I realized that it was based on Arduino 0010, pretty outdated! But I came across a brand new library, released the 20th!
The library was made by Gabriel Bianconi, not me. I tried it out and it works very well from what I've tested so far. It's a great way to set up a Nunchuk quickly, almost "plug and play". Wrote up a quick code to show activity through a row of LED's... haven't got it all commented yet, but it's relatively harmless. smiley

#include <Wire.h>
#include "ArduinoNunchuk.h"

ArduinoNunchuk nunchuk = ArduinoNunchuk();

int xjoystick;
int yjoystick;
int xtilt;
int ytilt;

void setup() {
  pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(11, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(10, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(6, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(3, OUTPUT);


void loop(){ 
  if(nunchuk.cButton == 1 && nunchuk.zButton != 1){
    digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(12, LOW);
  if(nunchuk.zButton == 1 && nunchuk.cButton != 1){
    digitalWrite(11, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(11, LOW);
  if(nunchuk.cButton == 1 && nunchuk.zButton == 1){
    digitalWrite(10, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(10, LOW);

  xjoystick = nunchuk.analogX;
  xjoystick = constrain(xjoystick, 26, 226);
  xjoystick = map(xjoystick, 26, 226, 0, 255);
  analogWrite(9, xjoystick);

  yjoystick = nunchuk.analogY;
  yjoystick = constrain(yjoystick, 26, 226);
  yjoystick = map(yjoystick, 26, 226, 0, 255);
  analogWrite(6, yjoystick);

  xtilt = nunchuk.accelX;
  xtilt = constrain(xtilt, 320, 720);
  xtilt = map(xtilt, 320, 720, 0, 255);
  analogWrite(5, xtilt);
  ytilt = nunchuk.accelY;
  ytilt = constrain(ytilt, 320, 720);
  ytilt = map(ytilt, 320, 720, 0, 255);
  analogWrite(3, ytilt);

Have fun!
23  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Retractable USB cables! on: December 22, 2011, 01:45:02 pm
You turn on or off a transformer or desk lamp, they knock out the USB connection.
I was wondering why these are so thin.. that would explain it! Thanks for the warning!
24  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Three Christmas Trees with Snowflakes-Stars with in sync LEDs on: December 20, 2011, 06:23:57 pm
love the way the lights spiral down the trees... neat setup!
25  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Retractable USB cables! on: December 20, 2011, 06:22:02 pm
I just recently found these type of cables at the dollar store in town...

work really nice for arduino! There are similar ones for dirt cheap on ebay.

cables are very flexible... I've had several times where stiff cords have had more say than the lightweight arduino and the whole setup has tumbled to the floor. Plus no more tangly cords! I'll miss the perpetual tumbleweed cord...
26  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Do only once when threshold is crossed? on: December 12, 2011, 12:02:13 pm
thank you both! I tried boolean variables, but couldn't seem to get them in the right spot. Got it now!
27  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Do only once when threshold is crossed? on: December 12, 2011, 11:43:41 am
Hi, I'm working on an interactive gingerbread house, and I'm trying to make it so the door opens when a person walks within ~20 inches. I'm using a ping sensor and a servo. I'm trying to run a ping reading every second and only send a pulse to the servo once when the 20 inch is crossed either way. Here's what I've got:
if(inches < 20){
void open(){   

void close(){     

this obviously gives an "open" command to the servo every time the ping sensor takes a reading of <20, and a "close" command to it every time it is >=20. I'd like it to send it once when the threshold is crossed the one way, then wait until the distance crosses the threshold again to send the matching command. I know this is probably a simple question, but I seem to have blanked out.  smiley-roll Thanks!
28  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Use my robotic arm to play with Legos! on: November 26, 2011, 02:58:00 pm
Got to play with it for a minute... awesome work! Reminds me of someone on here who did a tank that you could drive around his house with a webcam. smiley-razz About how long do you think it took to complete?
29  Community / Bar Sport / Re: You know you are a tech geek when.... on: November 15, 2011, 09:58:30 am
...your friend says "wonder how THAT works." as a rhetorical question, and you proceed to explain it to them.

...when you've taken the magic out of the Wiimote for dozens of people.
30  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: Uploading to a standalone through an arduino on: April 27, 2011, 11:02:23 am
wow, I had never uploaded on any of the older boards without auto-reset! I guess I'm spoiled.  smiley-lol  Thanks!
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