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1  Development / Other Software Development / Re: ICMP ping library v2.0 on: April 18, 2013, 07:12:21 pm
Thanks for the comments.  You actually hit on my next TODO--I've been tinkering with making the error codes match the RFC.

I could see how having an asynchronous version of the API might be useful as well. Probably three functions, one to send a request, one to check if a response is available, and one to receive a response.
2  Development / Other Software Development / ICMP ping library v2.0 on: April 17, 2013, 08:37:32 pm
A few years ago I posted my ICMP ping library here. Motivated by a bunch of recent inquiries about it, I've released version 2.0 of the library. It now lives in Github:

The big improvement over version 1.0 (which was geared more toward a specific use) is that it returns the response as an object instead of a string, and lets the caller decide what to do with it. I also fixed a few minor bugs.

I hope that someone finds it useful, or even better, improves it and pushes the changes back upstream.

3  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Interfacing / Re: A general wiring question on: October 07, 2010, 03:18:54 pm
I did essentially the same thing with a digital camera awhile back, only I was controlling the power button.  I measured the voltage between between the two wires while the switch was open (to determine the polarity), and then used a transistor.  If you use an NPN transistor, the emitter should be connected to both the negative lead from the switch and one of the Arduino's ground pins, the collector should be connected to the positive switch lead, and the base should be connected (through a resistor) to a digital output pin.
4  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / ICMP Ping Library on: September 30, 2010, 10:12:35 am
As part of a project I'm working on, I need to ping computers on my network with the Arduino Ethernet shield.  I saw several old posts on the forum asking how to send out pings from the ethernet shield, so I've made my ping code into a library, available here:

I hope someone finds this useful!
5  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / Re: Remote PC Startup System on: October 10, 2010, 08:15:24 pm
That's pretty cool.  For me, the shutdown feature is necessary.  Sometimes I log in to m desktop to work on research.  My current project involves very large matrices (up to 100,000 x 100,000), so a bug in my code can cause a major crash.
6  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / Re: Remote PC Startup System on: October 10, 2010, 02:49:12 pm
At the very least, I don't think the magic packet would get through a network address translator.   This system works even from separate LANs.  The only requirement is that I configure my router to forward one specific port to the Arduino, so that my laptop can initiate communication.  The other endpoint (the network that my laptop connects to) does not require any special configuration.
7  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / Re: Remote PC Startup System on: October 10, 2010, 10:37:11 am
No, I checked that before I started this project.  Even if it did, I may have built this anyway, since the key exchange ensures that only I can start up my desktop (unless someone did a man in the middle attack and decoded the messages, but I'm not that paranoid).  Getting through a NAT might be a problem too.

The force shutdown ability would also be impossible with wake up on LAN alone.
8  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / Re: Remote PC Startup System on: October 10, 2010, 07:32:55 am
I have a Core i7/EVGA x58 motherboard/12 gigs of DDR3 1600/GeForce GTX 285/700 Watt PSU.  I'll probably upgrade the GPU when the 485 comes out, which will only increase the power consumption further.  My research involves computations on huge matrices (up to 100,000 x 100,000) on the GPU, so graphics power is important.
9  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / Re: Remote PC Startup System on: October 10, 2010, 06:41:42 am
You're correct that I live alone.  My desktop is kind of a beast too--I need a lot of computing power for my research, and I designed my desktop accordingly.
10  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / Remote PC Startup System on: October 09, 2010, 11:09:41 pm

Frequently, while at the office or out of town, I find (to my dismay) that I need to access files on my desktop computer at home. The inevitable results are special trips and wasted time. While I could leave my desktop on indefinitely and access files remotely as, the inordinate amount of electricity that it consumes literally doubles my electric bill. With the help of an Arduino, I've solved the problem for good, for the cost of about 3 months of running my desktop all day.

Read more here:
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