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1  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Multidimensional query on: September 02, 2011, 05:49:18 pm
Hi folks,

    Relative Newbie here. I have some device designs I'm in the process of realizing, and in the process of edumacating myself, I seem to come up with more questions than answers as I go. With the help of friends, I have learned a considerable amount over the course of the last year, but there's considerably more to learn before I can realize even the first of my designs.

Q1 : Is it not typical or even possible with Arduino to have an object oriented firmware ? Processing seems to be the default sketch language within the Arduino world, and seems procedural and not OOP. I would Love to hear common directions people take their projects in regarding firmware authoring. I'm experimenting, but at embryonic levels.

Q2 : My first project utilizes 16 RGB LEDs, 48 single color LEDs, 64 buttons, an LCD Display, digital pot, and a data slider. I am looking at using Schmartboard for 2 STP24DP05 surface mount LED drivers for the RGB LEDs, and two more for the remainder of the LEDs. I understand they incorporate the Shift Registers as well as the LED drivers, so they seem ideal for my purposes. My intent is to daisy-chain them together. Unfortunately, I don't know what influence the frequency of 30MHz has over the circuit design. Does it matter in the firmware ?

Q3 : For the buttons, the SR's I intend to use are SN74HC165N's, but I believe 74F151's have been mentioned as well. I do not know the reasons I would choose one over the other. Again, I would daisy-chain them to get the full 64 button assignments. Care to inform and influence my decision one way or the other ?

 There are so many areas in which I have not yet boldly gone. I have a definite idea of the interface (mostly buttons and LEDs), but how can it all work at the same time in a procedural setting (as opposed to OOP) ?

I'm listening and learning,
2  Using Arduino / LEDs and Multiplexing / RGB led button matrix on: September 02, 2011, 12:16:16 am
Hello folks,

I have questions to be answered to get my scenario working. Here's my design requirement :
I have a 4 x 4 matrix of RGB leds with an identical 4 x 4 matrix of buttons beneath them; one RGB led per one button. So mechanically speaking, you actually press an RGB led to press the physical button beneath it.
- When a button is pressed, it sends a signal to the application to inform it of the button's state (It's been pressed, basically.) Based on a variety of scenarios, the application then sends an instruction back to the Arduino to that associated RGB led, which in turn either de-luminates, or illuminates it with a color, depending upon the application's instruction to it.

- Each button operates independently. (Software application should control it's significance.)

- Each RGB led operates independently. (Software application should control it's significance.)

- One, or more than one button can be pressed at a time.

- One, or more than one button (RGB led) can be illuminated at a time.

So my question is, what shift register combo's would you recommend for the RGB leds ? I'm currently using 74HC595's for the RGB leds, and I think I need six of them (for a total of 16x3=48) with 180ohm resistors. I'm using 74HC165's for the buttons.

Am I on the right track ?

Is there any firmware example I can springboard off of for this configuration ?

Looking forward to hearing from you, and to getting this working.  :-)

3  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / News / Re: New book and projects kit: An Arduino Workshop on: October 31, 2010, 08:47:15 pm
Aiuto !

Boy oh boy, lots of research and review, all necessary just to get started with the research in my specific area of interest ! Is there a book or other resource(s) that deals with just multimedia stuff ?

As I understand it, the Arduino series has capabilities for heading in all sorts of different directions, hence the reference material too is all over the map. I am into building some of the missing links in my music performance setup, but don't know if there's anything more specifically geared toward my area of interest, which is MIDI and hardware interface/controllers. My controller designs utilize such things as buttons, sliders, pots, mini-touchscreens (if there is such a thing yet; OLED ? ), LCD's, breath controller, etc.

I have done some research into the MIDIBOX, but with the potential I see with Flash/Flex, I think the Arduino is likely the better way to go, but I'm really not sure. I would like to be able to zero in on the resources for these purposes. Is there a single place I might best be going to for that ?

I continue to research, but I also don't fully know how things operate yet. Do I need an EEPROM blower, or any other devices (other than soldering station and a VOM), or is it all PC/Mac/Linux based development ?? I used to be an electro-mechanical instrumentation tech in the aerospace industry, so I think I still remember the lingo.


Very curious to get rolling.

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