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Does anyone know how to use the Capsense Library with shift registers?

I've set up the Capsense library and made sensors that work.

And I've made this happen with LEDs:   arduino. cc/en/Tutorial/ShiftOut

but I don't understand how to integrate the two, especially at the beginning of my code, where I declare the capsense pins, for example:

#include <CapSense.h>

CapSense   cs_2_19 = CapSense(2,19);
CapSense   cs_2_18 = CapSense(2,18);        
CapSense   cs_2_17 = CapSense(2,17);        
CapSense   cs_2_16 = CapSense(2,16);      

Do I put a 19 in there? where is that on the shift register? Is the 2 then an Arduino pin 2 or a shift register pin 2? Because when I tried this, although I didn't get any sensing at all, I could get an LED to light up at the shift register's pin 2, just by declaring this at the top.

I found this:   arduino. cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/ so apparently there is someone working with capsense and shift registers, and is declaring it like "CapSense(2,19)" but I wasn't fully able to understand how it was all working.

I'd appreciate any help!
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