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46  Products / Arduino GSM Shield / Re: Arduino Uno + GSM Shield upload data to Hosted MYSQL database on: August 01, 2014, 05:10:21 am
In outline - submit the data to the web site / php script using a GET request. The php script can then parse the data and write it to the MySQL database.

You'll need the APN settings for your mobile / cell network operator.
47  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: looking for sample SIM900 AT commandset on: August 01, 2014, 05:02:23 am
You are already reading the reponse from the SIM900. Save the characters it returns until you get the 'OK' then act on it accordingly.
48  Products / Arduino GSM Shield / Re: Arduino Uno + GSM Shield upload data to Hosted MYSQL database on: July 31, 2014, 03:40:52 pm
I went to the web site, clicked on the MySQL Table link and:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /home/planipth/public_html/MySQL-Table/index.php on line 8

How were you planning on uploading the data to MySQL?
49  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Is there something wrong with gsm shield ?? on: July 31, 2014, 03:26:21 pm
There are several shields that use the SIM900. If you provide a link to the actual one you have we might be able to help more.

However, if you are using the GSM library included with the IDE then it is for use with the official Arduino GSM/GPRS shield and as such by default uses pins D2 & D3 for communication and I suspect that your shield doesn't.
50  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: Arduino Header Cables 2F to 1F on: July 29, 2014, 04:47:41 pm
If you are intending to do much with the Arduino then you might want to consider investing in the 'DuPont' style connectors. You buy the header shells and crimp sockets and pins, and a crimping tool, and then you can assemble any cable you want. Within reason of course!
51  Products / Arduino GSM Shield / Re: ITEAD SIM900-GPRS-GSM-Modul doesn't work on: July 29, 2014, 03:55:44 pm
If your pictures were a sensible size I'd take a look but I have a limited bandwidth.
52  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: robot arm project queries on: July 29, 2014, 01:04:56 pm
I can't see them either....
53  General Category / General Discussion / Re: How to begin? on: July 24, 2014, 03:26:52 pm
Depending on where you would put your experience level, there is a 'Multifunctional Expansion Board' available on eBay from several sellers. Simple but lots of things to do without the wires.
54  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Original or clone? on: July 22, 2014, 03:02:18 pm
Read the review. And given that an authentic Uno is 20 euros direct from Arduino (plus tax), but this is less and you get the display too should set the alarm bells ringing.
55  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: Noob Q: bootloading, burning, or whatever it's called... on: July 18, 2014, 09:06:28 am
What you are trying to achieve is fairly straight forward - I hesitate to say easy!

Build a stand alone Arduino on perfboard or similar. You can program the '328 in the Arduino you have, pop it out and plug it into the stand alone.

Use shift registers to output to multiple leds. 74HC595, etc.

A couple of points to bear in mind:
1) the power consumption of the leds. ~20mA each.
2) How many shift registers can you daisy chain together?
56  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: How do I auto reset? on: July 18, 2014, 06:03:20 am
Many shields have a software controlled power on and off feature (you didn't provide a link so I don't know if yours does). Even when 'hung' it may respond to this so every so often send an AT command and wait for a response. If no response within a certain time then power cycle the shield.
57  Using Arduino / Networking, Protocols, and Devices / Re: Update Google Form using Sim900 on: July 17, 2014, 05:30:18 am
My guess would be that the page no longer exists but at least they have the courtesy to tell you it has moved elsewhere!

All I can suggest is a little detective work with a regular browser to see if you can find where it has moved to then amend the URL you are posting data to.

58  Using Arduino / Networking, Protocols, and Devices / Re: Update Google Form using Sim900 on: July 17, 2014, 01:00:01 am
The second part of the response code (+HTTPACTION:0,301,344) is 301, and to make it even clearer:

<TITLE>Moved Perman(ently)

59  Using Arduino / Networking, Protocols, and Devices / Re: Power issues with Icomsat v1.1 GSM/GPRS Shield on: July 16, 2014, 09:17:03 am
They can draw up to two amps in short bursts. This depends on the network you are connected to and the signal quality. Assume two amps and you won't go wrong!
60  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: custom PCB on: July 16, 2014, 02:26:22 am
You guys seem new to me. I'll give you a try sometimes.

I'm happy with their service.
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