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1  Topics / Device Hacking / Remote Light Sensitive trigger for digital SLR on: February 23, 2011, 12:09:03 pm
I am interested in starting a project in which I control the shutter of a camera with a photoresistor.  I have been researching how to do so, but am unsure about which would be the best method. 

I want to place an object on top of a photo resistor, and when the object is lifted and light is exposed to the resistor, the shutter fires.  The most logical way of doing this seems to be hacking a remote for my Nikon D80 to the circuit and having this control the shutter.  So far, I have found information about how to create a trip wire with a photo resistor and laser pointer, but not with only the photo resistor.

Any ideas or advice for me?  I'm new to Arduino and need help!
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