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1  Using Arduino / Audio / Re: Midi remote volume controller on: May 05, 2011, 11:26:54 am
Good news: I sent a query to Tom Scarff about Miduino kits, and his reply was that this kit ( can be easily adapted to control audio volume :-)

2  Using Arduino / Audio / Re: Midi remote volume controller on: April 29, 2011, 06:43:45 pm
I realise that solution would definitely be easier, but it doesn't really suit my situation. Let me explain. I have been piecing together my bass synth rig over the last 12 months. Current setup is:

Bass -> Roland GK-3B split pickup -> Axon AX100 (guitar-to-midi converter) -> Midi Solutions Merge -> Roland XV-2020 synth -> Eden ENX-260 (Aux input)
Behringer FCB-1010 midi foot controller -> Midi Solutions Merge -> etc
The raw bass signal goes from the Axon straight to the Eden's instrument input, which can be muted via a foot switch (that doesn't affect the aux/synth level).

The FCB-1010 has 2 adjacent midi expression pedals. One of these is used to control the synth volume. Where it's appropriate for me to run a mixed signal, I'd like to be able use the 2nd expression pedal to control the volume of the raw bass signal - whether each line independently or both in unison. Hence my desire to operate a midi-controlled analog volume unit.

3  Using Arduino / Audio / Midi remote volume controller on: April 29, 2011, 11:29:12 am
A quick look around tells me I'm way out of my depth as a noob to midi, so any & all assistance is welcome!

Basically I would like to utilise one of an FCB-1010's expression pedals to remotely control volume of an analog signal. I would be hoping for a compact solution that needs at least a midi-in, audio in & out (both 1/4"). A nice to have would be some method of selecting the midi channel in which to receive the continuous controller input.

One solution exists here (http://www.prostage....hop/shop_1.html), but I don't have €198 to throw at this solution.  Has anything similar been done here?  If not, where might I start?

Peter Sharp
Ballarat Australia
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