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I have already ordered a basic (bicycle) robot kit from a local Arduino vendor to get me started.
I will upload pictures as I assemble it and post every major change to the control script.

I also ordered some sensory modules like the 3 axis accelerometer, 2 axis gyroscope and some extra IR distance trackers, any thing specific you can tell me about these?
2  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: Interactive Art Object Using Arduino+PIR sensors, which parts to buy? on: May 26, 2011, 02:40:08 pm
Hi Doerack!

I'm a 20 year old Megatronics student also from Holland, nice to see I'm not the only one here.
I discovered Arduino just this morning and, though I'm still totally new to Arduino in particular my education does cover these fine electronics and scripting so as I get to know the Arduino systems better I may be able to help you out as a fellow Dutchman.

Groeten van Rik!
3  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / A new Project on: May 26, 2011, 01:09:26 pm

my name is Rik.

Today I stumbled onto the Arduino website and was immediately exited to see all those circuit boards, and after some looking around I came up with some ideas.
Obviously I will need to start from the basics since (though I'm not new to the concept of scripting and programming) I am new to the whole Arduino thing.
nevertheless, I will throw my best idea out there to get people talking about it while in the mean time I start to work out the basics.

First off lets call it a robot.

What am I going to need in order to make a robot, lets see...

it will need to move around so it will need some form of motor ability, to go from simple to complex, this could be;
#1 a pair of individually powered rear wheels and a front Roller,
#2 two pairs of wheels of which one pair individually powered,
#3 two pairs of wheels of which one pair powered and the other pair steered,
#4 tracks,
#5 hexapedal,
#6 quadrupedal,
#7 bipedal.

There are of course more ways to move around but these are the ones I would consider, however I plan to make it some what of an all terrain robot so stability, traction and power are an issue, there fore I would go with either a tracked or a hexapod. Just because it looks cool I will most like likely go with the hexapod.

Next there is there is sensory, this is probably the hardest part since I want it to be sort of an exploration bot that will navigate to a target (both stationary or moving) with no more user input then simple commands like "Home" or "Follow" or that will roam around freely to "map" its surroundings.
For this I will need a GPS module and one ore more forms of range finding modules.

Last but not least there is communication, as I stated earlier I want it to work with minimal user input, however the sensory data it gathers is potentially valuable and will need to be stored on an external medium, therefore a WiFi and probably an Ethernet connection will be needed, also an internal storage as a buffer for when no connection is available, lastly it may be necessary to issue a command while it is not connected to a cable, WiFi or Ethernet so Bluetooth may also be required.

Naturally I try to be as energy efficient as possible so some way of generating its own energy like a solar panel would be ideal.

Since I'm fairly new to this and this is such a mammoth project I'm asking you (the community) to help me out by sharing your thoughts on all of this and by giving tips & tricks and suggesting circuit layouts or useful scripts.
Remember that I am not specifying any size limits for now so feel free to let your imagination go wild!

The work order of this project will be the reverse of what I did here so I will start of with communication and sensory and end by building the body with its moving components, keep in mind that every thing that has not been made yet is fully subject to imagination and can change with any tip or idea.

I plan to keep you updated on the progress of this project, so lets work together on this shall we.

Oh, and I apologize for any bad spelling or grammar since I have dyslexia and am not native English.
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