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could you point me in the direction of where I could read up on this hardware?
2  Topics / E-Textiles and Craft / Re: conductive rubber on: June 12, 2011, 04:38:56 am
Thank you for your replies.  My proposed project in more detail:

I'm a doctor with an interest in improving simulation technology and physiological modelling.  Medicine is increasingly moving towards simulation for training and our mannikins have a 'rubber' skin.  I don't know exactly what materials these tend to be except that to an untrained eye we would say that the material is rubber.

We attach ECG electrodes to patients to monitor the heart, but in simulation we attach them to little metal clips which protrude through the skin of the mannikin.  This is unfortunate as the ECG signal is extremely dependant on lead position, and this realism is lost.  I have created a programmatic way of generating the potential over the skin in 3d vectors.  If I could find a way of replacing the mannikin skin with a semi conductive skin then I could allow placement of ECG electrodes anywhere on the mannikin with different resulting ECG signals just like real patients.

Mowcius, your link showed an elastic polymer with resistance dependant on it's stress.  Metals already do this, this is how blood pressure tranducers work in theatre.  I can't see what advantage they have over a metal wire, but it would suffice.  Are they expensive?


3  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: android honeycomb and arduino feasability question on: June 11, 2011, 12:13:56 pm
couldn't I just make the voltages 0-2.5 volts then (or whatever) and put a resistor in between the board output and the monitor?  Are you saying that analog voltages need extra hardware, or and an android tablet and arduino need extra hardware?

4  Topics / E-Textiles and Craft / conductive rubber on: June 11, 2011, 11:56:48 am
Hi all,

Just testing the water to see if there are any experts on this subject.

Rubber normally has a resistance in the mega ohms.  I know that you can 'mix in' graphite to make the rubber more conductive.  Could you do this to give the material a resistance in the same order of magnitude of a semi conductor such as silicon?  Is this possible without grossly changing the properties of the material?

Are there other cheap mouldable materials with conductive properties?

with thanks,

5  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / android honeycomb and arduino feasability question on: June 11, 2011, 11:52:04 am
Dear all,

This is my first time on the arduino forum, i've searched before asking this question.

I'm a doctor, and also a software programmer in the field of physiological modelling (i.e. creating models which attempt to predict the behaviour of the human body).  I also create software which improves medical simulation fidelity.  I'm experienced in Java and other OOPs but have limited knowledge of USB ports etc.

I've just been given an android tablet (asus iconia tab A500) which runs honeycomb.  The tablet has a hosted usb port.  I can see a few posts about combining android phones with arduino boards, and this would be very exciting for me as I would like to create a prototype medical device.  The arduino board would need to have the following output and inputs:

1) Three analogue outputs which would range from 0 - 3mV.
2) Two analogue inputs which would range from 0-20mV.

The medical monitor which reads the outputs i'm guessing would have a sampling frequency of at least 30ish Hz, so I think I would need to be able to update the outputs more often than that.

Ultimately I would like to have in the order of ten analogue outputs.

Is this possible within an Ardunio + android tablet enviroment?  The reason I don't want to port the entire project over to C# (or whatever most arduino projects are written in) is that we also intend to release education material onto the android market and duplicating the code base makes me sick in my mouth a little.

I see this product advertised:
would this be a good idea or is there something else?

with thanks for your help

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