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1  Using Arduino / LEDs and Multiplexing / Re: I wrote a new library to PWM with chained shift registers (up to 768 outputs) on: July 21, 2011, 01:47:46 am

I think you could do it much faster with SPI.
There's a little trick when calculating the bitvalues
You can calc every bit with only 5 cycles and without branching
you can just use the carry flag result from the cp instruction and shift it to a register, like this:

ldd value
cp value, counter
rol register

(I think the carry flag is set when the counter is greater than the value, so this is exactly what you need for pwm)
So after executing this 8 times you got 8 values packed to one byte. you can now send this with the spi.

when you put your PWM Values in an array you can generate a whole byte with this code:

ldi r20, 8

ld r21, X+
cp r21, counter
rol r22

dec r20
brne label

>> at this point you have a calculated a whole byte (in reg22) with 1+8*(2+2+1+1)+7*2+1 = 1+8*6+14+1 = 64 cycles

(I have not tested it so this might not be completely right but I think you get the idea)

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