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1  Community / Website and Forum / Re: MIDI controller- how to un multiplex? on: October 24, 2011, 01:32:43 am
Thanks for that John, it looks better thinner & taller! & a useful link, Ray
2  Community / Products and Services / Re: Programming services offered on: October 23, 2011, 05:10:56 am
hey gliven, could you give me a quote for some arduino programing? I have a  MIDI controller sketch that was written for use with a diecimila & multiplexer & need it adapted to work with a mega ie dispensing with the multiplexing & assigning inputs directly to digital ins. My email is thanks, ray 
3  Community / Website and Forum / MIDI controller- how to un multiplex? on: October 23, 2011, 04:13:11 am
Hey, the MIDI controller sketch below was written (by a long lost associate) to run on a diecimila, with 5 rotary encoders & 16 switches connected via an LS138 multiplexer (grouped as 'puff switches', 'knife switches', 'momentary click switches' & 'pir switch'), with piezo drumpads & 'lovehandles' skin resistance meter voltage going into analog ins.

I want to adapt it to run on a mega, plugging the switches etc straight into digital inputs on the arduino, dispensing with the multiplexer. I guess I need to remove the bank code & assign the inputs to digital ins? Also the multiplexer board was doing the de-bouncing. Any tips for a noob on how to do this would be much appreciated, many thanks, raymondo

int A = LOW;int B = LOW;int enclaststate[6]={LOW,LOW,LOW,LOW,LOW,LOW};int encoderflag[6]={LOW,LOW,LOW,LOW,LOW,LOW};
int cccurrentvalue[6]={0,0,0,0,0,0};int banknum;int encodercount[6]={0,0,0,0,0,0};int lovecheck = 0;
int lovehandles;int lovehandlesflag = LOW;int inputnum;int input;int piezopin;int drumvelocity;
int drumpad[5] = {53,54,55,56,57};int decay[5] = {0,0,0,0,0};int handlescount = 0;
void setup(){
  Serial.begin(31250);DDRB = B00000000;PORTB = B00000000;DDRD = B00000000;PORTD = B00000001;}
  // Port D - 0 is Rx, 1 is Tx, 7 4 & 2 are mux outs to ls138, Port B is 8 bank inputs / outputs
void loop(){//do our piezo drums , wired to the analog ins
  for (piezopin=0;piezopin<=4;piezopin++){// setup the count to read the 5 drumpads
    drumvelocity=analogRead(piezopin);if (drumvelocity/2>=25){
  lovehandles=analogRead(5);if (lovehandles>35){if (lovehandlesflag==LOW){midiCC(0x90,88,127);delay(1);midiCC(0x80,88,127);lovehandlesflag = HIGH;}
if((lovehandles/2)!=lovecheck){midiCC(0xB0,25,lovehandles/2);lovecheck=lovehandles/2;}}else{lovehandlesflag=LOW;}//read the lovehandles send controller and note on/off
 // do our 8 banks multiplexed to the digital ins
  for (banknum=7; banknum>=0; banknum--){ // set a loop of 8, 1 slot per bank
  if (banknum==0){PORTD = B00000001;} // set the bank address, binary 000 outs
  else if (banknum==1){PORTD = B00000101;}// set the bank address, binary 001 outs
  else if (banknum==2){PORTD = B00010001;// set the bank address, binary 010  ins unused so far
   //for(inputnum=8; inputnum<=13; inputnum++){swhandler(inputnum+12,inputnum-8);}
  else if (banknum==3){PORTD = B00010101;// set the bank address, binary 011  puff switches and pir
    for(inputnum=8; inputnum<=13; inputnum++){if(digitalRead(inputnum)==HIGH){midiCC(0x90,inputnum+20,127);delay(10);}}//!!!!!!!!!!put the delay in here
  inputnum=6;input=(digitalRead(inputnum));// deal with pir switch, it's normally high going low
      // if a switch is pressed ON send a midi off, set the check value to ON
       if((switches[6]==HIGH) && (input==LOW)) {midiCC(0x90,35,127);switches[6]=LOW;}}
  else if (banknum==4){PORTD = B10000001;// set the bank address, binary 100 knife switches
    for(inputnum=8; inputnum<=13; inputnum++){swhandler(inputnum+28,inputnum+8);}}
  else if (banknum==5){PORTD = B10000101;// set the bank address, binary 101  momentary led click-switches
    for(inputnum=8; inputnum<=13; inputnum++){swhandler(inputnum+36,inputnum+16);}}     
  else if (banknum==6){PORTD = B10010001;enchandler(13,4);enchandler(11,5);enchandler(9,75);}//encoders
  else{PORTD = B10010101;enchandler(13,1);enchandler(11,2);enchandler(9,3);}}}//encoders
//delay(50); // stall to see the leds
/* function send a Midi message.use 'midiCC(command byte, data, data)' 0xB0 = controller, 0x80 = note on,
0x90 = note off data bytes 0-127 0x00-0x7f eg 0x80 0x34 0x0F note on, note 34, velocity 127*/
void midiCC(char CC_data, char c_num, char c_val){
Serial.print(CC_data, BYTE);Serial.print(c_num, BYTE);Serial.print(c_val, BYTE);}
// function to handle encoders / amend midi controllers
void enchandler(int y,int x){A=digitalRead(y);B=digitalRead(y-1);// fetch encoder states y is pin, x is array member / controller number
    // check for movement, direction and midi controller range
    if ((A==HIGH) && (enclaststate
  • ==LOW)){encodercount
  • =0;if (encoderflag
  • ==LOW){midiCC(0x90,x+12,127);delay(1);midiCC(0x80,x+12,127);encoderflag
  • =HIGH;}
      //reset stationary count, deal with the start midi note and set flag   
    if(B == HIGH){if(cccurrentvalue
  • != 127){cccurrentvalue
  • ++;}}//positive move or negative move
  • != 0){cccurrentvalue
  • --;}}midiCC(0xB0,x,cccurrentvalue
  • );}//send the controller data
  • ++;if ((encodercount
  • ==1000)&&(encoderflag
  • ==HIGH)){midiCC(0x90,x+18,127);delay(1);midiCC(0x80,x+18,127);
  • =LOW;}}
  • = A;}// save the state for comparison n1ext time round
//function to read a switch and send a midi note on / off message
void swhandler(int note, int arraymember){input=(digitalRead(inputnum));// read the input pin
// if a switch is pressed ON send a midi ON / off, set the check value to ON
if((switches[arraymember]==HIGH) && (input==LOW)) {midiCC(0x90,note+36,127);delay(1);midiCC(0x80,note+36,127);switches[arraymember]=LOW;}}
// if a switch is released send an on / OFF + 36, set the check value to OFF

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