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1  Topics / Interactive Art / Proximity Sensor Lightbox on: October 31, 2013, 01:36:35 pm
I want to create a lightbox that only turns on when you are around 80cm away from it. It will stay on as long as you are in front of it, but as soon as you move further than 80cm away, it turns off. I was considering using this sensor . I'd like to attach this an arduino board that then would interpret feedback from the sensor and toggle the lights accordingly.

Any ideas or suggestions on what arduino boards to use? And general or specific advice? Anyone attempt something like this before (of course you did, please share!)?
2  Topics / Interactive Art / Re: Creating a wireless manual camera shutter release on: October 31, 2013, 01:30:47 pm
It's been a while but I got some great advice from someone about how to do this -- a solenoid. I would just need to measure the amount of push power req'd in order to get the right solenoid(easiest way to measure this would be to get a spring, measure the compression, and then compress the spring over a scale the same amount). Then I would attach the solenoid to a wireless transmitter and have it push the shutter button directly. Very simple, although I haven't gotten around to doing it. Thanks for response though.
3  Topics / Interactive Art / Creating a wireless manual camera shutter release on: October 29, 2011, 07:24:43 am
I have been working on a project that involves setting up a manual camera on tripod and taking pictures of objects/people. One of the restrictions that I have for this project is that I have to be near the camera constantly in order to take the picture. I have wanted to create a wireless manual camera shutter release for some time now. Basically a tool that allows me to take pictures remotely with a manual film camera. The only problem is that no one makes them! So I wanted to create a small tool using the expansive adruino system to do just that. There are shutter releases, that can 'extend' the shutter button (the button that snaps the picture). One is pictured below courtesy of

As you can when you press the button a small rod appears out of the tip. I want a linear actuator (or something equivalent) to press the shutter release (so my hand doesnt have to) and then quickly depress it. It also has to be controlled through a wireless remote (maybe I could even connect it to a ipod or my phone). It has to have enough torq and speed to simulate a quick thumb press.  Its really important that as soon as I want to take a picture I can, and there is no lag in the mechanics.

I was looking at the "Firgelli Technologies PQ12 Actuator 20mm, 30:1, 12V" but I wasn't sure if that actuator would fit my specifications.  Any thoughts and suggestions? Also what other components would I need to make this possible?

For those of you who aren't too familiar with manual film cameras, the shutter release  gets screwed into the shutter button of a manual camera (all manual cameras have them). Below is an diagram of the setup

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