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181  Development / Suggestions for the Arduino Project / Re: Is Arduino Due coming? on: October 23, 2012, 06:16:41 am
Yeah, true. But are Arduino and its distributors going to face the same problem, I notice the store only has 11 left.

Well, if Arduino themselves are having any problems at all getting supply at this stage, I'd say the clone makers will be completely out of the picture for the time being.

Well, "SOLD OUT" how many DUE did Arduino sell in maybe 30 hours? What a meltdown...
182  Products / Arduino Due / Re: No ethernet wiring on: October 23, 2012, 04:56:26 am
I could perhaps make a variant of this board with the EMAC pins wired to a PHY and a Magjack (or to a header, with the networking components on another shield), but then someone would have to port the 32bit ethernet library to Arduino smiley-sweat .
This could be a deal.
183  Products / Arduino Due / Re: 3.3V inputs & outputs on: October 23, 2012, 02:22:16 am
Once I get my due (one is ordered smiley-grin), I am planning to design a compatibility sheild for level shifting, analog input protection etc.
I'm interessting in it, what's about the analog ports and the DAC's-Out, Ti has some Bidirection Levelshifter with 8 Ports or else, btw. the CAN maybe does not need an LevelShift.

Surface mounting looks like a good plan, and there musst be enough place for all IC's
184  Development / Suggestions for the Arduino Project / Re: Is Arduino Due coming? on: October 22, 2012, 07:28:04 am
you can download the new ide at

I love this on that page

WARNING: This software is a beta version, so exspect bugs and..


I exspect allways bugs but I'am old school I make bugs by my self most of the time...  ...if I'am in buisness I will other let build bugs for me professionaly.
185  Development / Suggestions for the Arduino Project / Re: Is Arduino Due coming? on: October 22, 2012, 03:22:49 am
I just checked RS
nothing :-(
Best regards


I found him there:

Now, I have a vision, many people all over the world scratching on there desk's even if there high on valium, and waiting for the Arduino Due, at the same time Massimo Banzi is stroking a nealy dead cat (from the endles stroke) and the tells his numbero Uno let them wait till afternoon, then a scary laugh is filling the room, and in some edge someone is playing an sad melody on his violine.

I hope nobody is killing me for this some sort of irony mixed up bad humor. I think Mr. Banzi and his team did a great work with the arduino and the boards it's really incredible how they put the word usability near to microcontroller, and now with the possibility to use an ARM for cool stuff on the horizon there will be the next level of fun. Thank you Mr. Banzi and of course his team.

186  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: Is there a fix for the INT0/INT1 bug with Leonardo? on: October 20, 2012, 04:58:32 am
Hello Markus,

INT0 and INT1 are working fine on D0 and D1
My sketch is using and I2C interface (now on D2 and D3 on the Leornardo). I noticed that when I setup INT0 and INT1 ("attachInterrupt") I2C is no more working.
I don't use INT2 and INT3, as now possible with your modifications.

Would it be possible to advice me how to fix this issues  ?
Many thanks,


Yes of course,

if I understand you right, you need the place where the files should be, close the IDE, copy these files in this folder and overwrite the old one's


And now when you restart it, it works.
187  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: Pin2 interrupt on Leonardo on: October 19, 2012, 12:28:33 pm
Cannot get pin interrupt to work on pin 2 on a Leonardo.  Using latest version of IDE.  My research indicates this is a known issue but i have been unable to find a solution anywhere.  Does anyone know how I can get a pin interrupt to work on pin 2 (I require pin 3 for something else), or failing that pin 1 or 0?


Take a look at this,124057.0.html
188  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: Is there a fix for the INT0/INT1 bug with Leonardo? on: October 19, 2012, 12:26:38 pm
Thanks for the link - very useful.  Have tried all 4 pins and only INT0 works, and on pin 3 as depicted in the graphic.  INT1 on pin 2 does not seem to work at all (same for INT2/3) and I have found references elsewhere which indicate that this is an omission in the source code for the Leonardo, which implies it could be fixed.  Unfortunately, cannot find out how to perform the fix and am not familiar with the lower-level stuff yet to know where to start.



Hi Duncan,

I have make a fix for this. These attached files are for the IDE 1.0.1. I have pushed the Interrupts in the "right" order,
-Interrupt Number 0 works on Pin 0
-Interrupt Number 1 works on Pin 1
-Interrupt Number 2 works on Pin 2
-Interrupt Number 3 works on Pin 3
and new
-Interrupt Number 4 works on Pin 7

For me it works.

Have fun with it.

189  International / Deutsch / Re: Frage zum Leonardo, etc. on: August 15, 2012, 07:10:25 am
Hi thradtke,

ich habe mich damit auch mal auseinander gesetzt,108717.0.html da müssten auch noch die aktuellesten Änderungen von mir drin sein, mich würde interessieren wie du Änderungen vorgenommen hast.


190  Development / Other Software Development / Re: 1-Wire Slave on: July 25, 2012, 04:15:56 am

I had not seen that.  Thank you for the tip.

Not for that i've seen that few days ago, i'am looking too, to get an emulation of an 1-Wire Slave, this looks like the most simple projekt, for other typs of devices the libary must expand in my opinion, bevor i've seen that i was thinking about an interrupt driven lib, in combination with an final state maschine but this would be to complex. But this modified lib looks nice maybe with some extra code for different typs of devices and "jump marks" it can be an solution for 1-Wire Slaves. So that you tell the lib what it is and only the conf or informations would be set in the Sketches.


191  Development / Other Software Development / Re: 1-Wire Slave on: July 23, 2012, 07:20:00 am
Did you take a look at this?

Google will help you to translate.
192  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: Bootloader for Leonardo Boards on: July 12, 2012, 06:21:06 am
Test it, works!
193  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Re: Bootloader for Leonardo Boards on: July 11, 2012, 07:47:27 am
The bootloader is only doing its thing for a few seconds, when resetting or loading a new sketch.

You could ignore it completely and make those changes in the pins_arduino.h header file and that will (should) handle things while your sketch is running.

It's in the hardware/arduino/variants/leonardo folder.

Then (I am pretty sure) you'll see the TX and RX leds working 'inverted' only when the bootloader is running, but the rest of the time they will work as intended.

My fool you are right, for the 3 seconds of bootloader work it would not be relevant I changed it on the pins_arduino.h and make an new variant for it with adding a new board with the variant linked on the boards.txt.

I will test it later.

194  Using Arduino / Microcontrollers / Bootloader for Leonardo Boards on: July 11, 2012, 07:17:08 am

I have an Leonardo compatile Board for my breadboard, unworthily it has the RX and TX LED connected to GND not to Vcc.

Original Leonardo

Pin -----[Resistor]---|<|------->Vcc

Clone Board

Pin -----[Resistor]---|>|-------|GND

So the RX and TX LED are always on, I don't like that and I'm aware about sunburn  smiley-wink

My idea is changing on the caterina.h the following lines.

      #define CPU_PRESCALE(n)   (CLKPR = 0x80, CLKPR = (n))
      //#define LED_SETUP()      DDRC |= (1<<7); DDRB |= (1<<0); DDRD |= (1<<5);
68      #define LED_SETUP()      DDRC |= (1<<7); DDRB &= ~(1<<0); DDRD &= ~(1<<5);
      #define L_LED_OFF()      PORTC &= ~(1<<7)
      #define L_LED_ON()      PORTC |= (1<<7)
      #define L_LED_TOGGLE()   PORTC ^= (1<<7)
      //Definition changed!!!!
72      #define TX_LED_OFF()           PORTD &= ~(1<<5)
73      #define TX_LED_ON()      PORTD |= (1<<5)
74      #define RX_LED_OFF()           PORTB &= ~(1<<0)
75      #define RX_LED_ON()      PORTB |= (1<<0)

so that "ON" would be "OFF" and "OFF" would "ON"  and inverted the LED_SETUP(). On my small mind I think that would be all that need to be changed to let the board work like the original one, and now the complicate (only if I think right about the changes) part I'm not able build the alternative Caterina-Bootloader.

So can someone build it? Would be very helpfully
195  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: Modify colorshield.h to work with Arduino Leonardo on: July 10, 2012, 06:17:00 am

Needed to change the Timer and some registers there are the new files for the Arduino Mega, and the Arduino Leonardo
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