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1  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 27, 2012, 04:38:47 pm
okay i get it .thanks i understand how it works now. well the most of it...^^
2  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 26, 2012, 02:39:07 pm
yeah it works! i still haven't received my second max7456 but with one , switching between slave select pins and reseting the whole build i have 2 different displays.there is a slight problem,the PALmode() code isn't working on the second osd
the first one i'm using in my sketch is in pal but the second is set in ntsc.
3  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 26, 2012, 05:59:29 am
my sketch is pretty large and on the way i'm seeing stereoscopy i've had to double it ( one part for the right and one part for the left camera) so basically it's going to take twice memory and twice time to execute( i'mworking with a mini arduino328) there is maybe a bit of superstition here but i think there is a better/smoother way ( and if i have to change something i don't want to do it twice on my sketch so i was looking to add a "side_byte" for "left" "right" and "both" to "void MAX7456::cursor(byte side,byte x, byte y, byte blink, byte invert, byte char_bg){" ( i've take cursor as an exemple but adding it to all functions and dependencies) right now it's not working.( i'm pretty new to c++ and arduino coding so i make a lot of mistakes and misunderstanding and it takes me times to really comprehend your work^^)

4  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 25, 2012, 04:23:41 am
hello  do you know how i could control two max7456? i know i should declare another slave select pin to send signal on the other max but how should i modify tour library? it's in order to drive a stereoscopic device so the most of characters are the same on both  ic could duplicate your library with another name and another pin for SS and copypaste my code linking to the new lib like:

#include "MAX7456_osd.h"
MAX7456 osdright;
MAX7456 osdleft;
void loop(){

but it's memory expensive and pretty slow to run. is there a better way?

thanks for any advice
5  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 18, 2012, 05:09:33 pm
you made my day sir!
6  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 18, 2012, 01:17:01 pm
okay, everything works fine! pal mode is working 100% and the set screen size solved my problem. anyway in pal the osd has a lower resolution( not big difference but the outline of letters are flicking a little, making text not so readable( interlacing problem i think)
thank you so much btmcmahan
a last question, how( if possible) do you write a sentence with 0x** form? the fact is my font table is pretty big and i have to use some unpritable characters, i can use them with" osd.write(0xf1a);" but do i have to set the cursor and osd.write for every character or you, master of the code , have a solution to lighten my burden?

again thanks
7  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 18, 2012, 12:43:11 pm

i'm gonna try pal mode right now! i will let you know in few hours if everything is ok.

anyway my ccd cam ouputs only pal but without input, ntsc works really fine so i think my screen is in bad mood with pal ( religion related i think^^).

i've managed to get a sketch to burn a new font file and then i use teraterm for sending mcm files( very easy, open teraterm and file-> send file-> pick your mcm and here we go!) i can pm you the sketch if you want to.

on my side i'm using the software from remzibi( it was intented to program a osd for a drone) the f2 let you use a great font editor with nice features like miroring characters, and you can see 2 characters at the same time, side to side without gap it's very useful to draw some icons or large letters wich takes 2 normal characters.
8  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 16, 2012, 04:52:22 am
thanks i will try this today, i'm wondering if it's not the fault to my screen( a cheap 4" tft screen from hk) and i've read that pal has a row less than ntsc.
the lib with the pal code is on the reply #11 of kg4wsv on this thread. there is a few lines on the begining of the .cpp concerning the pal code but i've never done a lib so there may be something elsewere.
i haven't checked but have you left the boolean to use the original and modified ascii .mcm? this can be useful too.

9  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: February 15, 2012, 02:59:37 pm
actually i have the same problem, great job btmcmahan but adding the palmode( i've tried copy/paste in the cpp file, i guess this was a stupid idea^^) isee how you print a character with its hex adress " 0x**" thanks to your demo sketch, but how to do the same with the lib of kg4wsv?
i have a small issue with my screen, i have some empty space on the bottom, the video is really full screen but it's seems that it's missing two lines, they are wrapping on top of the screen, over the first lines. any idea? is there a way to " offset" the display?
i'm trying to make a HUD, with a reticle in the center, and some displays on the sides, i've done a new char set,and  put it successfully on the chip. any hint on how to display these? some sort of general idea to put everything together( i' was thinking to put some variables on strings to display different icons but thre is maybe a better way to go...)
anyway lot of thanks, iwould never been able to go so far without your work.
10  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: January 26, 2012, 05:15:11 am
thank you alot! its working now! i don't really know what was wrong, i've re-wired everything, re-uploaded the sketch , changed the video cable and changed the tv, and now everything is ok( exept that apparently the new character table was not burned on the max7456.... dunno, gonna try again....) so a really big thank you!
    it's alive! it's allliiiiiiiveeeeee!!!!!
11  Development / Other Software Development / Re: MAX7456 library update on: January 24, 2012, 09:37:23 am

first thank you alot kg4wsv and dfraser and zitron for putting up this code and libraries, this saved me.

i'm having the same kind of problems than you btmcmahan, exept that i still don't have any characters displayed. i've managed to burn a new ascii table( i was thinking that would be the most difficult) i'm using an arduino mini with the atmel328, the max7456 board from sparkfun , already read every thread about it( arduino cc forum and sparkfun forums) my wirings are:
arduino==== max7456
   pin10 ====cs
+5v to +5v and gnd to gnd i've tried rst to +5v with a resistor and without
i'm using the last libraries that you kg4wsv have posted here, the sketch that you have posted here, i've included the line for the pal mode and corrected the first line as i've a new ascii table.
i have no input
and the problem is my display is still black, flashing white every second( almost) and flashing blue every 10secs or so cause my tv is a kind of hightech thing and tries to understand the signal( normally she can switch on the right entry and to the right signal type(ntsc /pal/secam)
so i've opened up the lib and as i'm pretty new to c++ i was wondering what was the " #if ARDUINO > 22" at the begining? where did you specify the pin n° for the arduino it seems that it's in an integrer but i can't found it...? and in the comments of the sketch you speak about the 8mhz of the arduino, mine is 16mhz do this can cause problems for communication with the max7456? and how can i write something in the middle of the screen? i think maybe the writings are some kind of "off the screen" cause it's doing the same when my computer tries to send a signal with a wrong frequency/resolution.

i know there is a lot of questions and please excuse my bad english.
i hope thoses questions can lead to the solution.
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