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1  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Inverter 12 volt to 230 volt Example PCB on: June 16, 2013, 01:10:52 pm
I made and experimental Inverter Printed Circuit Board for my offgrid solarpanels. The project is based on inverter by Lewis Loflin.

Schematic and PCB are made with the arduino crowd famous eagle PCB layout program. The brd file, original arduino sketch and my own upcoming verion of the arduino sketch, can be found on:

I made a english version to place some of my arduino experiments and projects

Remember the general disclaimer: 'if you play with electricity, it is at your own risk, and only you are responsible for the danger in this kind of projects'

hope you find the inverter usefull smiley-wink
2  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Sun Collector for Hotwater tank - Simple Arduino controller on: June 02, 2013, 11:31:10 am
Hey, just made a simple beta arduino sketch to control my circulation pump for my hot water sun collector, you can grab it if you can use it for some other sketch. Also useful as controller for automatic air sun catchers with temperature controlled fan. (i also work on a arduino sketch for this)

You can get the code here Sorry, language is in danish, but comments in code are in english. You can use google translate on the page.

3  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: suntracker with actuator on: February 23, 2013, 03:42:40 am
new version of my solartracker without webserver:

Hope this version cover your needs for a suntracker better   smiley-draw

This version of the suntracker (Release Candidate 1))will be used for a scrapped motor TV stand, and driven by a small gearmotor and a H-bridge mosfet driver stage. The Suntracker is for at 30 watt solarpanel, and will be placed an a caravan.
4  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: suntracker with actuator on: January 30, 2013, 12:53:16 pm
Great, happy to hear it compiles well. Thanks for the tip, i have not tryed 1.0.3  smiley-razz
5  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: suntracker with actuator on: January 30, 2013, 03:37:32 am
Thanks for your interest in the beta sketch smiley-wink

As written already in the beta sketch header i use 0018 arduino IDE and ethershield lib is from nuelectronic:

// Version: 0.8b Arduino IDE 0018 - based on ethershield webserver software

Direct link to the ethershield i use:

time.h is a standard library

The errors you got from compiling is most ethershield related, so you might have to convert the code to your own ethershield, or get the nuelectronic version of the ethershield. However, i plan to migrate the project to nabduino, or rasperry pi, so this might work better for you.

But, you can just remove the code related to the ethershield, and just use the tracker code. The ethershield is just used to visualize what's going on i the tracker. In the v1.0 the solarpanels performance will be logged to by the webserver smiley-wink

6  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: suntracker with actuator on: January 29, 2013, 01:59:24 pm
Sketch now on :   smiley-draw
7  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: suntracker with actuator on: January 29, 2013, 01:31:13 pm
Hey, i am sorry to hear you can't translate. The site is in danish, but comments in code are in english

Try this link:

I think i will put the code on and embed from them.

 It should be possible to copy paste from the plugin i use to embed code now.
8  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / suntracker with actuator on: January 19, 2013, 09:22:26 am
Finally i found the time to made the arduino based suntracker for my old diy solarpanels  smiley-wink

I made a model with a gear motor fro polulo to simulate the actuator, use a ethershield from nuelectrictronics, and i found dc motor controller chip in a defect tape deck.

In the real life suntracker i have a actuator / polarmount from a scraped from a satellite parabol. In the real life suntracker i will make a suntracker+mppt charger+inverter shield with a mosfet H-bridge.

My first version of the suntracker is a beta model, based on a nuelectronic webserver sketch.
In the beta version the position counter(interrupt) is not functional.

If you can use the first beta suntracker sketch, you can grab sketch here: 

** The site is in danish, please use google translate on the site, thanks **

Latter i might 'migrate' the arduino sketch to the nabduino platform smiley-wink
9  Using Arduino / Motors, Mechanics, and Power / Re: Monitoring and Charging Multiple Batteries on: January 19, 2013, 09:02:31 am
You can use a tl431 and a P-mosfet as lowvoltage detector and shutdown controller, i made a LiIon hack for my bosch powertool:

I Just connect a standard cheap RC multi charger like this:

Also, there are IC able to handle multible batterier. A great arduino project could be to make a LiIon/LiPo charger for 20 x cells smiley-wink
10  Using Arduino / Displays / Re: Help to place variable in text_box_P (pstr) in 2.8" TFT Color LCD + touch screen on: February 04, 2012, 04:55:31 am
This works smiley-wink

Next todo is sample som data and send the sensorData to this batteriesvoltage object

void batteriesvoltage() //or void batteriesvoltage(char *sensorData) to incl the measured data
       //exampel place qwerty in the drawn RoundRect
        char i = 22;
        char sensorData[20] = "qwertyuiopasdfghjkl";
uint8_t row=0;

// draw font

tft.DrawRoundRect( 40, 70, 280, 230,  10, MENU_HIGHLIGHT_COLOR,1);


font.set_Cursor( 50, 80);

for(i=0; i<23;i++) //loop until al chrs in sensorData is placed on the LCD display
            font.putChar(sensorData[i]); //place the sensorData variable, sensorData come from a sensor as voltage sensor, current sensor, temperature sensor
if(font.CharWidth(i) !=0)
if( (font.CursorX + font.CharWidth(i)) > 270)
font.set_Cursor(50, 80+ (row* font.Font_Height + 2));

font.set_Font(f12x12); // set font to menu size


I have placed my EVduino-MS-08beta megaDuino code here if anyone can use it for another appl.:

The dallas ds18b20 part works well already, so check the demo and grab the code piece here:

11  Using Arduino / Displays / Re: Help to place variable in text_box_P (pstr) in 2.8" TFT Color LCD + touch screen on: February 04, 2012, 04:11:21 am
thanks for your help smiley-wink

found i asked the wrong quistion  smiley-eek-blue

The text_box_p is not used in the example from nuelectronic to place 'dynamic' characters    smiley-sleep

They use another lib for this, the font lib:


To place a string, i count the number of charcters and use a for statement to put a series af chars

 smiley-yell michael
12  Using Arduino / Displays / Re: Help to place variable in text_box_P (pstr) in 2.8" TFT Color LCD + touch screen on: January 30, 2012, 10:47:25 am
looks interesting, thanks smiley-wink

tried it this way:

 char text[6]="qwert";
 int voltage = '12';
  uint8_t IP = voltage;                             // integer part
  uint8_t DP = (voltage - IP)*10;               // decimal part
  sprintf(text, "Voltage: %d.%d", IP, DP);

  text_box_P( 80, 50, 250, 200, 15, (PSTR(text)));  

commes with error: fails to determinate size of '___C'

EVduino_MS_08b_tft_menu_play.cpp: In function 'void batteriesvoltage()':
EVduino_MS_08b_tft_menu_play:373: error: initializer fails to determine size of '__c'


13  Using Arduino / Displays / Help to place variable in text_box_P (pstr) in 2.8" TFT Color LCD + touch screen on: January 26, 2012, 07:17:43 am

I got this great 2,8" color LCD with touch from nuelectronics, but i can't figure out how to write variables to a text_box_p. In the included lib. it looks like they just use pstr as pointer, but i can't pipe a variabel to the text box.

void batteriesvoltage()
        char test = '1';

        text_box_P(   80, 50, 250, 200, 15, PSTR("Batteri one Voltage:")); // This works

        text_box_P( 80, 50, 250, 200, 15, (PSTR("Data is: %c", test))); //So, I have tried severel ways to include a variable, but nothing from standard C seams to work, any idees are welcome smiley-wink


The touch LCD is intend to be used i my Kewet Electric Vehicle as system monitor and datalogger

all ideas welcome, thanks

smiley-wink michael
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