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16  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Sketch Filenames on: June 20, 2012, 07:03:08 am
When I create a new sketch and save it, I create a new folder then save the sketch in that folder.  If I make
any change to the sketch and "save as" to give it a new name (such as including a version # in the filename)
the IDE will not let me save the renamed sketch in the same folder.  It forces me to create a new folder.
Can this behavior be changed.  I would like to be able to save the sketch(s), the latest and prior versions,
in the same folder.
17  Using Arduino / Installation & Troubleshooting / Sketch READ-ONLY file save on: February 28, 2012, 06:06:41 am
Is it possible to configure the ARDUINO IDE such that while working
with sketches, they can be saved (overwriting the original file - perhaps
with a warning) rather than having to create a new folder/file
everytime you need to close the app to do other work or sleep.... ??
18  Development / Other Software Development / Re: Updated DS1307 simple library for arduino 1.0 and older on: February 25, 2012, 07:47:41 am

I'm relatively new to the Arduino platform and am trying to use the DS1307 for
a timestamp source.  I've downloaded the DS1307.h library and have tried to run
some of the examples.  The sketches compile and load without error
but the output is not a valid date (for example the  DS1307_demo_en sketch
produces the following timestamp: "Actual time : 45:85:85 7 165/45/2165")

What pins should I be using for SDA and SDC on the Arduino UNO?

Thank you,
19  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / davidhbrown-RealTimeClockDS1307-ef34215 library on: February 24, 2012, 11:29:15 am
I've downloaded and installed the subject library. The sketch (RealTimeClockDS1307_Test)
complies and loads without error but when I run it and view the Serial Monitor I just get
a sequence hex chars that do not appear to be incrementing... the output on
the Serial Monitor looks like this:

1: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
2: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
3: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
4: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
5: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
6: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
7: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
8: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
9: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
10: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
11: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
12: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
13: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
14: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
15: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
16: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
17: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
18: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
19: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
20: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
21: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
22: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
23: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
24: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
25: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
Send ? for a list of commands.
26: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
27: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP
28: FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP

Looking at the DS1307 datasheet the default/power on  date/time should be  01/01/00 00:00:00 but I can't
get to this from FF-1F-3F 1F:7F:7FP ??
20  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: char msg[] versus const char text[] on: February 23, 2012, 05:30:00 am
SOLVED!  Thank you.  Those nasty pointers... one area of C I always tried to avoid.
Thank you all..
21  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: char msg[] versus const char text[] on: February 22, 2012, 09:02:19 pm
Your right on Paul.... although while it does compile witout complaing...
the result is not as expected.  What I would expect to see is "TUNE"
on the Matrix, instead it seems to be a series of random chars... ??

    //message 1
    xstart = 4;
    char msg[] = {"TUNE  "};
    for(int z = 0, x = xstart; z < 6; z++, x+=6)
      HT1632.drawText((const char *)msg[z], x, y, FONT_5X7, FONT_5X7_WIDTH, FONT_5X7_HEIGHT, FONT_5X7_STEP_GLYPH);
22  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / char msg[] versus const char text[] on: February 22, 2012, 05:53:53 am
I'm using an app that displays messages on a SURE 3208 8x8 Led Matrix.  It uses
the HT1632.h library routines.  One of the routines (HT1632.drawText) will
display a single character passed to it as a const char.  The specific parameter
is "const char text[]".

I would like to be able to take a string like char msg[] = {"message"}; and
iterate thru the string passing a single char to the HT1632.drawText function.

When I call the function with msg
  • as the const char text[] paramerter, the
compiler complains that I can't convert char to const char.  I've been unable
to find the right code that would allow me to iterate thru each char in
msg[] and pass this char to the HT1632.drawText function.  

Anyone have an ideas how this might be done?   Following is a code snipette..
I would like to be able to write a function that takes a char msg[] string
and breaks it down into single char that can be passed to the HT1632.drawText
void loop()
    char msg1[7] =  {'T','U','N','E',' ',' '};
    char msg2[7] =  {'F','M',' ',' ',' ',' '};
    char msg3[7] =  {'1','0','7','.','3',' '};
    int  xstart;
    int  y = 1;
    //message 1
    xstart = 4;
    for(int z = 0, x = xstart; z < 6; z++, x+=6)
      char val[1] = {msg1[z]};
      HT1632.drawText(val, x, y, FONT_5X7, FONT_5X7_W, FONT_5X7_H, FONT_5X7_STEP);

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23  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: SURE3208 NTP CLOCK on: February 19, 2012, 07:09:47 am
OK, you can ignore the comment regarding undeclared variables.  Seems I was missing
the Time.h file.  Got it now and it compiles... Will try to manually set time.
24  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: SURE3208 NTP CLOCK on: February 19, 2012, 06:51:30 am
I've downloaded and unziped the code into my Arduino library folder.  When I try to
compile it, it complains that setTime() -- in the SetTime.ino file -- has not been declared.
It also reports that "hour", "minute", and "second" in the SetClock.ino file have not
been declared.

It appears you are using a web service to get the current time.  Is there a way to 
disable the time setting function so I can manually set the time.  I tried
commenting out "SetTime()" in the main loop and it crashes.

I like the app as it is simple and straight forward but I am not connected
to the net.  I'm using a Arduino UNO...

25  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Re: Can't find Arduino library "wiring.h" on: February 18, 2012, 07:25:00 pm
Thank you very much.... I figured as much...
26  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Can't find Arduino library "wiring.h" on: February 18, 2012, 06:41:05 pm
I attempting to run an app from Miles Burton (HT1632 Arduino "Matrix Display" Library for the Sure 2416 and 0832)
that includes the file "wiring.h".  I'm told this library should be included in the core Arduino library but
I can't find it.  Has the name been changed to something other than "wiring.h"??
27  Using Arduino / LEDs and Multiplexing / Re: Sure Electronics 3208 LED Matrix Display on: February 17, 2012, 08:55:09 pm
Thanks for the info.  Good suggestions.  I've resolved the header/library file issue/question
in the Arduino - Library Tutorial ( tutorial) so, as you
suggest, I think I'll need to modify the library files.  The 5x4 font is embeded in them
and if I change the bit-mappped images to a 5x7 format and name the file font_5x4.h,
it dispalys them but cuts off the bottom of the chars.  I'm positive it has to do with where
the upper left corner of the font is set and this is done in the header file somewhere.
Thanks again...
28  Using Arduino / LEDs and Multiplexing / Sure Electronics 3208 LED Matrix Display on: February 17, 2012, 06:10:04 am
I am tinkering with the subject display and have it setup as described in an ARDUINO article by Federico Vanzati
This article uses a 5x4 font defined in a header file (font_5x4.h).  I want to use a 5x7 standard font but it
appears I can't simply relpace the font_5x4.h file with an identical file named font_5x7.h with the appropriate
bit-map image for a 5x7 font (and modifying the sketch to replace "#include <font_5x4.h>" with the new font
file "#include <dont_5x7.h".)  Does anyone have a 5x7 font file that would work with this app?  If not, any
pointers on how to create a header (e.g. can it be created in C# rather than C++ etc.), would be greatly appreciated.
29  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: USB vs External Power - A different Issue... on: February 02, 2012, 09:17:35 pm
My bad then.  For some reason I thought I saw a timing chart showing how SPI.transfer
clocked data in.  Probably was looking at the MAX6592 SPI implementation.
For sure, if SPI.transfer is not touching SS, then that explains why I could
not get it to work!

Thanks for all your help...
30  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: USB vs External Power - A different Issue... on: February 02, 2012, 04:04:14 pm
Is there a spec I can access that defines
The state of the CLK and SS lines when
SPI.transfer completes? It is my impression
it returns SS to HIGH?
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