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1  General Category / General Discussion / A student needs help . on: January 31, 2012, 07:40:42 pm
Hey guys ,

my name is Niklas . I am studying engeenering at the University of Kassel (Germany).
Now I want to write a dissertation about „ Open Source Manufacturing “. While exploring the internet for some open source hardware projects and some good hints given by my professor , I found the Adruino
To me it is great. I hope you go on and get more and more successful.
At least I got a few questions about your Project , i would be very thankful, if you could answer them.

1. How much Arduinos were sold per year / month ?

2. How do they get the project known ? (advertising)

3. Do they get faster into the market because of open source ?

4. The Arduino group produces the Arduino, do they give a guaranty ?

5. The Arduino project started as a „closed“ project (you developed the first boards of your own) later it was made „open“ (the community was invented to improve the board), why didn't they started it open ?

Thank you for reading, I would be very happy to get your answer soon .

Kind regards,

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